Matlock bath (2)

SO….yesterday I went to Matlock Bath (again). My tablet didn’t charge last night -_- so I brought mum’s surface. Here I go… MOI in the cable car! XD The SPLENDID view from the cable car! MOI coming down from the big slide MOI on the adventure course! MOI next to the ice cream shop 😛 […]

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I’m supposed to be at school But I’m not Ok bye 🙂



OK, so I sorta disappeared. Let me update you for the rest of last week and this week. May 16 A stay-at-home-play-badminton-till-your-eyes-fall-out day. Nothing much. 🙂 May 17 I GOT MY GRANDMA ON SKYPE. After many failed attempts, we managed to get her online. 😉 Today (May 18) I told my class about my app. […]

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So today I had a big rounders match. WE LOST LIKE 18-7. We had kitkats and mine melted -_- OMG THE BUS SMELLED LIKE AFTERSHAVE We were pretty good though And loads of people hurt themselves Including yours truly So, I did this really big lunge and it turned into the splits. OWOWOWOWOW IT WAS […]

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Hey guys This week was bad But I don’t really wanna share anything about it We’re doing cycling week But now I forgot how to ride a bike I had LOTSANDLOTSANDLOTSANDLOTS of homework. Bloggish app is out I’m going now Chaio! ~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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