OK, so I sorta disappeared. Let me update you for the rest of last week and this week.

May 16
A stay-at-home-play-badminton-till-your-eyes-fall-out day. Nothing much. 🙂

May 17
I GOT MY GRANDMA ON SKYPE. After many failed attempts, we managed to get her online. 😉

Today (May 18)
I told my class about my app. My teacher didn’t know how to download an app from the web. Me: ?! Plus, this boy with appendicitis came back.

May 19
I’m going to the doctors at 9:10, so I get to stay at home for 2 hours! (Get up at 7, leave at 8.) I’ll also miss Tuesday religion assembly.

May 20
*yawn* Nothing. NADA. Zip. Zilch

May 21
Some sports camp I’m never going to join is coming in.

May 22

Well I at least wrote this on my iPad, the last post I wrote was Sick.

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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