HI! #YASSBLOGGEROFTHEBLOGGISHISBACKISOTHOUGHTSHEWASDEADOMGTHANKYOUSOMUCHFORCOMINGBACK!!! It is VERY hot here. LIKE 29 degrees (Americans, this is England, dude. We don’t get 100 degree weather) I’m sitting here in my jammies. Last Thursday was 😡 . We had an obstacle race. Bear in mind, I was off by a LONG SHOT. I was WAY ahead. We had to balance […]


Announcement for all people

Attention all people! I. Am. On. Twitter. #Imontwitterandgooglebutidonotlikegooglebutiwillpaymoreattentiontoitnow. So, Im pig_of_bloggish on Twitter. On Google I’m bloggerofthebloggish. Social announcement: I will post on Twitter and Google as if they are bloggish, so I can get more viewers. Chaio! ~bloggerofthebloggish☺

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Ok, so I haven’t exactly been on bloggish or any blog. But I haven’t forgotten. Last night, I lay in bed feeling TOTALLY guilty. So, let me just update ya…. On the 4th, I went to a REALLY cool science center in Birmingham on a school trip. Also on the 4th, my aunt came all […]

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