I. JUST. GOT. A. LUMIA. 630.


And…the battery is DEAD.

Dead. 😛

My dad threw his back out (AGAIN!! The first time he did it at my friend’s house playing badminton.)

I only had my Lumia since 11:00 (time now 7:12 PM) and it broke down 3 times. (when I say that, I mean the battery died 3 times)


WHATEVER happened to the ‘600hrs standby’? (BTW, it’s 25 days)

Also, I’m going to see ‘the mouse’ (see October/November posts) and my uncle on Wednesday.


I only heard about this yesterday!!

KK gotta go! Bye!

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

‘Little boat’ + :D

OK, so I randomly saw a note on my dad’s desk; it actually made me cry! I don’t cry a lot, not even at sad movies. Read it for yourself and see!

Off you go, little boat across the sea
Explore a world I will never see
Now and then, just think of me
My little boat you will always be

Now, is that sad or WHAT?!

Now, moving on to 😀


(Yes, currency)

All thanks to my grandma!! (Well she gave me the 20 pounds to make 60-80 jump)

School’s out!!


School let out last Friday (10/7) and this is what I’ve done so far:

  • Made cupcakes
  • Went to a birthday party
  • Got a smartwatch (YES!!)
  • Went in a car (what? We don’t have one; so my average is about twice a year (excluding taxis))
  • Went swimming

Today has been BORED-O-RAMA (bowl-o-rama, geddit?)

And YES, I, bloggerofthebloggish own a PHONE AND A SMARTWATCH (doesn’t work)

MY tablet has been down lately. By ‘down’ – I mean ‘won’t connect to wifi so it decided to lower the strength and not connect’. I can’t use my laptop because it crashed and it needs to update the 5849547587 programs I’ve got. I can’t use my big tablet because it won’t turn on, I can’t use my mom’s surface because she uses it at work and I can’t use my dad’s computer because he’s CONSTANTLY on it. I can only post because my dad is busy doing something else (wow!)

So, I was in my room crying, and my dad came in and silly me thought he was coming in to see if I was OK (my room is where I go when I’m sad, or asleep).



UGH I’m really upset at him now. He KNOWS my room is my primary sad source.

Well, GTG. I’m DYING. (For food, DUH)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Which phone is right for you? TAKE THE QUIZ!

Looking to buy a phone, but don’t know which one? Help is at hand! Take this simple 5-question quiz, find out the best phone for you!

Question 1:

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have 1 hour of free time. What do you do?

A) Listen to that hot new song by Bruno Mars
B) Check out that cool new bike online
C) Finish that novel you were writing
D) Play a new level of Candy crush

Question 2:

If you could name 1 thing you needed to have on your phone, what would it be?

A) Music
B) Online shopping
C) Edition suite
D) Games

Question 3:

On average, how much are you willing to pay each month?

A) A LOT! I’ll do anything for a cool new phone
B) Average – I can scrape up a bit more cash
C) Not very much – I only want it to call and write the occasional story
D) It depends.

Question 4:

Why do you need your phone?

A) My iPod broke – I’m looking to get another source
B) It’s my mom’s birthday next week; I’ll need to get something nice
C) I just started walking to school on my own; I’ll need it to call my mom to tell her I’m OK.
D) We don’t have much for entertainment around the house.

Question 5:

Would you like an old or a new model?

A) NEW. If I’m going to replace my iPod, I might as well get a new phone.
B) Dude, there’s only one model on the market.
C) Old. I won’t use it much; why waste money?
D) Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s got games, I’m fine!

Mostly As:

You love good music – and good trends! The iphone 6 is right for you!

Mostly Bs:

Online shopping is right up your street! You’re totally unpredictable; first you’re buying a t-shirt, then you’re buying a car! Welcome to the fire phone!

Mostly Cs:

The least expensive phone on the market—Lumia 435! Complete with Office 2013 – this is the simplest smartphone you can get. (One of them, anyway)

Mostly Ds:

Addicted to games? This is the right phone for you! The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has a low price for big entertainment!

That’s it! Have fun with you new phone!

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

25 Reasons why you should never drop glue on the floor

So today a boy in my class couldn’t bother to put his glue in the drawer, so my teacher made him write an essay (title of the essay is the same as the post title) of why you should never drop glue on the floor (it’s a glue stick). OUR TEACHER ACTUALLY PHOTOCOPIED THE ESSAY!!

25 Reasons you should never drop glue on the floor

1) Because people will trip over it
2) Because it makes a mess3) It’s my job to pick it up; not anyone else’s
4) Someone might get glue on their feet
5) It belongs to the stationery drawer (true!)
6) I’m fully capable of picking it up.
7) It’s my responsibility to pick it up
8) Other people get tired of picking it up.
9) We were not told to do it (me: HUH?)
10) It’s not other people’s job to pick up my mess
11) If someone’s crawling, their hand could hit it.
12) It’s a trip hazard!
13) Someone could fall over and hit their head on it/on the table
14) Someone might have to go to hospital and I might get sued
15) It might hurt someone
16) It might stay there for its whole life
17) I might make someone organized cry
18) Someone might throw something on it and the glue might be permanent
19) It might be something special (me: HAHAHAHAHAHA)
20) It could break something or kill someone
21) It will make our teacher angry
22) ‘Boy who fractured his kneecap who’s name I cannot reveal’ might fall on his knee
23) It will make everybody sad/angry
24) I will be considered messy
25) It is very naughty and lazy

Never drop glue on the floor.

There we are! 25 reasons you should never drop glue on the floor. You have GOTTA show this to your friends!

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂