YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. JUST. GOT. A. LUMIA. 630. And I’m SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO happy!! And…the battery is DEAD. Dead. 😛 My dad threw his back out (AGAIN!! The first time he did it at my friend’s house playing badminton.) I only had my Lumia since 11:00 (time now 7:12 PM) and it broke down 3 times. (when I […]

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‘Little boat’ + :D

OK, so I randomly saw a note on my dad’s desk; it actually made me cry! I don’t cry a lot, not even at sad movies. Read it for yourself and see! Off you go, little boat across the sea Explore a world I will never see Now and then, just think of me My […]

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School’s out!!

YAY. School let out last Friday (10/7) and this is what I’ve done so far: Made cupcakes Went to a birthday party Got a smartwatch (YES!!) Went in a car (what? We don’t have one; so my average is about twice a year (excluding taxis)) Went swimming Today has been BORED-O-RAMA (bowl-o-rama, geddit?) And YES, […]

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