Which phone is right for you? TAKE THE QUIZ!

Looking to buy a phone, but don’t know which one? Help is at hand! Take this simple 5-question quiz, find out the best phone for you!

Question 1:

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have 1 hour of free time. What do you do?

A) Listen to that hot new song by Bruno Mars
B) Check out that cool new bike online
C) Finish that novel you were writing
D) Play a new level of Candy crush

Question 2:

If you could name 1 thing you needed to have on your phone, what would it be?

A) Music
B) Online shopping
C) Edition suite
D) Games

Question 3:

On average, how much are you willing to pay each month?

A) A LOT! I’ll do anything for a cool new phone
B) Average – I can scrape up a bit more cash
C) Not very much – I only want it to call and write the occasional story
D) It depends.

Question 4:

Why do you need your phone?

A) My iPod broke – I’m looking to get another source
B) It’s my mom’s birthday next week; I’ll need to get something nice
C) I just started walking to school on my own; I’ll need it to call my mom to tell her I’m OK.
D) We don’t have much for entertainment around the house.

Question 5:

Would you like an old or a new model?

A) NEW. If I’m going to replace my iPod, I might as well get a new phone.
B) Dude, there’s only one model on the market.
C) Old. I won’t use it much; why waste money?
D) Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s got games, I’m fine!

Mostly As:

You love good music – and good trends! The iphone 6 is right for you!

Mostly Bs:

Online shopping is right up your street! You’re totally unpredictable; first you’re buying a t-shirt, then you’re buying a car! Welcome to the fire phone!

Mostly Cs:

The least expensive phone on the market—Lumia 435! Complete with Office 2013 – this is the simplest smartphone you can get. (One of them, anyway)

Mostly Ds:

Addicted to games? This is the right phone for you! The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has a low price for big entertainment!

That’s it! Have fun with you new phone!

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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