School’s out!!


School let out last Friday (10/7) and this is what I’ve done so far:

  • Made cupcakes
  • Went to a birthday party
  • Got a smartwatch (YES!!)
  • Went in a car (what? We don’t have one; so my average is about twice a year (excluding taxis))
  • Went swimming

Today has been BORED-O-RAMA (bowl-o-rama, geddit?)

And YES, I, bloggerofthebloggish own a PHONE AND A SMARTWATCH (doesn’t work)

MY tablet has been down lately. By ‘down’ – I mean ‘won’t connect to wifi so it decided to lower the strength and not connect’. I can’t use my laptop because it crashed and it needs to update the 5849547587 programs I’ve got. I can’t use my big tablet because it won’t turn on, I can’t use my mom’s surface because she uses it at work and I can’t use my dad’s computer because he’s CONSTANTLY on it. I can only post because my dad is busy doing something else (wow!)

So, I was in my room crying, and my dad came in and silly me thought he was coming in to see if I was OK (my room is where I go when I’m sad, or asleep).



UGH I’m really upset at him now. He KNOWS my room is my primary sad source.

Well, GTG. I’m DYING. (For food, DUH)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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