6th I went to scarborough. PROS: My first beach trip in 3 years!! 🙂 I got a new ball 🙂 I went DEEP into the sea (ok…) 🙂 CONS: The ball exploded 😦 TONS of rocks in the sea 😦 Excema burns 😦 Scarborough total score: 3.5/5* 21st I went to Skegness. PROS: I got […]


1 year PARTY!!!!

Tune in NOW to bloggish and enjoy this 1-year bash I threw just for you! We’ll start with some comedy: HA this is ME: Evil clown And to finish off this category: A HALARIOUS video Now we’ll be spooky (just google that title) Then back to comedy (and BAFFLING QUESTIONS) HOW ON EARTH does A) […]

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Bloggigh re-naming winner!!

Ok, here we go… (PS: The answer is SO IRONIC!!) D – Rainbow falls is the correct answer OMG nobody guessed that 👿 Ok, I have gotta go. My mom NEEDS this computer. Bye! ~bloggerofthebloggish (PS: The name will be changed to tomorrow!)

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OMG!!! It’s bloggish 1 year anniversary in just a few days!! I’m going to Skegness on the 21st, so I decided to do it today. I’m going to do a competition. I’m going to change the name of bloggish on 20/8! Guess out of the 5 options which it could be!! Shout it out in […]

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