1 year PARTY!!!!

Tune in NOW to bloggish and enjoy this 1-year bash I threw just for you! We’ll start with some comedy:


HA this is ME: Evil clown

And to finish off this category: A HALARIOUS video

Now we’ll be spooky

(just google that title)

Then back to comedy (and BAFFLING QUESTIONS)


HOW ON EARTH does A) Freddie have the guts and B) the ballet dancers support that kind of weight??? If you know PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!

And of course an ESSAY contest!! YAY!! 😀 😆


1) The essay can be from any of the following topics: i) How your blog was created ii) How you discovered wordpress.com iii) What has changed from your blog’s 1 – month anniversary to today iv) Different mile stones (eg: 100 posts, 50 likes…) and why you think they are considered as milestones/hoe will you achieve that goal.

2) The essay must be 250 words (max) and 230 words (min). This does NOT include the title and author. Any essay with more/less words will be withdrawn from the contest.

3) The essay must be in PROPER GRAMMAR and no smileys.

4) Essays are due on September 25th, 6:30PM (UK time)


1st – A blog tribute made by ME (video)
2nd – A snazzy new header
3rd – An ad to stick anywhere you want (promoting your blog)

If you wish to contact me, tell me in the comments or email me at purplenetballleader@gmail.com

And that concludes our party. Oops, before you go…



~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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