Combo of 3

Ok, I’ll list these in any order, you just scroll around to the good news, bad news blah blah blah… GOOD NEWS: I’m on rollerblades! YAY!!! I can go outside up the small hill that my house is on, but that’s just it. I got them on Saturday at precisely 6:40PM 😀 BAD NEWS: School […]

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Eyeball selfies

So today I took some eyeball selfies!! Can you guess which one is mine? Ok so the middle one is MINE, the above one is my mom and my dad is the first one. Try it!! Next, here’s some selfies I took on my phone (new selfie app) And to finish it off, have a […]

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Ok so the first week of school is over… It was ok GREAT AMAZING OMG I LOVED IT

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