Combo of 3

Ok, I’ll list these in any order, you just scroll around to the good news, bad news blah blah blah…


I’m on rollerblades! YAY!!! I can go outside up the small hill that my house is on, but that’s just it. I got them on Saturday at precisely 6:40PM 😀


School is getting on my last nerve. And so is home too. OK, so kids keep sticking their nose into my personal business.

‘Can I see the blurb?’

‘Oooh, what’s this book about’ (question asked 500000 times)

‘You’re supposed to tell Mrs ********* that you’re done. Not just sit there’

‘Can i borrow this atlas?’ (right in the middle of a geography project)

‘Now you’re ignoring me. That’s not very nice’

**slam bone on bookshelf at school**

**feeling nauseous after bouncing on the trampoline after lunch**

And at home, 3 SPIDERS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!! AND 2 ON SUNDAY!!!

NO, they are not teeny weeny mini spiders that are found in the corners of the house

NO, they are big huge ones that make you scream when you see them.

OMG I spent Friday to Today being TOTALLY PARANOID!!!

So, basically, every cell in my body wants to run away SCREAMING LIKE HECK. (me: 😡 )


My mom’s surface is on repair because the touchscreen is yucky. So, as such, I’m using my dad’s computer (yay! he let me use it!) (me: 🙂 )

Well, gotta run. My dad’s trying to gain control over the computer.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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