Stuff + NO!! :(

Ok so something REALLY REALLY bad hapened yesterday. I mean REALLY. I was about to go to the mall, and I was putting my shoes on. My old toy eisel sat next to my chair. I didn’t touch it, BTW. My phone was on the top of it. As I adjusted my velcro strap, I […]

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Plz vote on the poll (PS: I’m making a wattpad update so I’ll publish it 🙂 ) Ok so here are the pics

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Longest post. EVER.

OK so I have been away for over a month. I’ll explain. Here’s a list of all the events that have happened/are happening/are going to happen: I got windows 10!!! FOR FREE!!! (It’s even better that my dad had to pay £119 for his 🙂 !) I’m going to have a halloween party (only 3 […]

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