Christmas countdown collosal chocolate combo

Ok, so let me tell you some things, because EVERY DAY I have been meaning to post this, so here goes…

So we did like a ‘Secret’ Santa thing, where you pulled someone’s name out of a (insert object here). I got my best friend, and, well you know the rest (sorta)

So I bought her a diary, chocolates and loom bands. I looked under the tree.

Looking (nothing)

Looking (nothing)

Looking (nothing)

…until it was the second-to-last day. STILL NOTHING.

Suddenly, there were 2 presents for one person, but the person that had that person only bought 1 present for the other person.


So, THEN, on the last day, there was my name under the tree.

YAY!! 🙂


Today was the L-A-S-T day of S-K-O-O-L.

H-A-L-F -D-A-Y


I’m supposed to be home just before 4:00.

It’s 2:53, I’m typing as we speak!



OMG It’s only 7 days till xmas

I’m getting an ipad and an ipod!



~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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