Ok, #totallyrandompostididbecauseihavenothingtodoandimreallybored

Sorry for the long title, but ok, this is an eventful week. So, let me tell you the stuff that’s going on in this humble 1930s-english house (whaat? It was built then!)

Today (December 20)

Gingerbread houses!! OMGOSH I have NEVER made one before, so this is a first for me!! Oh yeah, we bought LOADS of awesome decor! Like, bon bons, chocolate crispies, minimini marshmallows…my mouth is watering at the edges!

December 21

Since it’s 6PM, and I’m about to snarf down Sunday dinner, we can’t decorate (or assemble) the gingerbread houses today, so we’ll have to do it tomorrow! On the bright side, somethin’ to do! 🙂

December 22

I have absolutely NO idea what we’re supposed to do, so I’ll sit around, hang on my laptop, blog!! 🙂

December 23

Short and sweet, LOG 😛 . (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, search ‘Log’ in my bloogle)
I’ll make a post this year, hopefully with some pictures!!

December 24

So, get trapped inside with the russian zombies relatives. Also nothing to do, more blogging! 🙂

December 25

Ok, tell me you know what this is.

(I won’t have time for blogging, I’ll be exploring my new presents, so soz 😦 )

December 26

MORE present exploring, but I’ll have covered the big stuff, so I can blog about my AWESOME (hopefully) Christmas!

December 27

That comes to the end of the week, so I probably would have escaped the wrath of presents, so again, habg, explore, BLOG!! 😀

So, that was a pretty log post (250+ words!)

I’ll update you possible tomorrow, definitely on the 22nd!

Happy (uh, pre-christmas?)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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