iPod shuffle review (2015)

Rating: 🐷🐷🐷🐽 The iPod shuffle is adorably tiny…but is it too small for it’s own good? Released in 2010, the iPod was grunted at by society for its size and lack of screens. At $49.99, this is, without question, the least expensive device that Apple sells. It comes in 5 colours, with the blue colour […]

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I killed myself for not putting this on, since my LIFE revolves around tech. Anyway, I will pick a random tech device and do a rant. (Or rave if it’s good). I own 22 tech devices so that’s a lot of reviews! I will do a “bloggerofthebloggish” rating, but it’s pigs instead of stars. For […]

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Nifty Apple Tip #1 (NOT a how-to)

First, thanks for 20 followers! 20 more cronies to boss around. Jk lol. So there’s always those really annoying apps on your iPad/iPod/iPhone that u want to delete. Mine are find iPhone, podcasts and find friends.  FOR GOD SAKE THEY DONT DO ANYTHING OMGOMGOMG 1) Create a folder for apps u want to delete. 2) […]

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