The Asylum

Ok, so I am DONE with being alive. I’m SICK of constantly getting screeched at on text. I just wish I could DIE. PLEASE LORD LET ME SUICIDE. All I want is a birthday WITHOUT ANY COUNSELLING THANK YOU. I’ve been holding in ,,my stress for FOUR YEARS, now when I FINALLY TRY TO RELAX, I GET SCREAMED AT BY THOSE (things) who call themselves humans. 


Oh, by the way, if you are texting me THEN SHUT UP BECAUSE I’M SICK OF YOU.

It’s gotten to the point where I want to suicide.


Normal again…

So I’m back to normal (thanks to Neave, Soph and Jaiya, my shoutout to u 🙂 ) and it’s almost my birthday!!


Loads of presents are already piling up… 

I’m working on an app, hopefully available to download as an .APK from here. However, it will be updated A LOT as it will be updated every few posts or so… 

I should make it available on Google play and the Apple Store, possibly the Windows phone store.  

Happy Easter, follow me on @samsung112 and my YouTube (bloggerofthebloggish) and Google me +bloggerofthebloggish


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

It’s called society

Ok, so last night I had a BIG fight with my friends  people.  Ok, so first we were fighting over a group name, then we fought because apparently I posted a rude joke. This girl had a really nice purse and I said OMG I hate u I want that purse. 

NOW THOSE 5 YEAR OLDS  people ARE BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING. They’re like ‘ugh, say sorry, blah blah blah’ 


Oh and if you are reading this and this is aimed at you, then please go away because you are not welcome here.

So, I turned my messages off and I won’t turn it on until school starts (18 April). For my birthday, I’m getting a 3ds and tomodachi life and animal crossing new leaf.

It’s almost my birthday say hello to the older me on April 4.

Happy Easter (oh, right I forgot it was Easter Saturday today). 😝

Chaio! ( And happy Easter)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂