Concert Update & London 2016!!

So, to give you an update (sorry I left you hanging XD ), the concert was FAB!! Read on for more…So, we were supposed to be there for 11:00. When it was 11:01, and we haven’t arrived, I entered ‘sidewalk rage’. Basically, you scream at the idiots drivers by the hall. When I arrived, We all said hi, and I gave them a kiss, and then I flew to mars.

Lol not really, but I did say hi.

We did the rehearsal (the whole thing was 800 bars – I had 20 bars -_-)

After the rehearsal, we had lunch and we came back.

The guy who was telling me when to come in told me to come in. But AFTER I stood up.


So I stood, and waited.




I played my piece (only messing up on 1 note) and sat down.

BTW there were supposed to be 30 people coming, but only 5 came! Lol!


Any way,


To meet my dads cousin, and I get to miss a day of school!

Finally, a break for the little guy! (Well, I’m actually a 5’4″ girl, but still!)

I’ll post an update when I get back (lol probably in July)



~bloggwerofthebloggish 🙂

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