Ok, so I went to London for 4 days, and here is a post about it! Told by photos.

Let’s start on the underground.

1st stop, Warren Street!

Next we blow past Goodge Street!

Then we go past Tottenham Court Road

Almost there, we arrive at Leicester Square

And finally we arrive at our destination.. Charing Cross!

Then we went to the worlds smallest police station…not kidding!!

After that, we looked around trafalger square and went to an optical museum.

I thought illusions, but it took you on a world class tour of glasses.

I have glasses, I know what they look like! Geez!

K, so we went to our hotel, it was a nice hotel but it was in the worst possible location! Like, you had to take five million trains to get to Kings Cross. 😦

So we had dinner, and it was HORRIBLENESS. Like, it was almost serving lobster! The only thing I recognised was shepherds pie.

So I went to bed and played on my phone until like 10:30 😀

Next day, we went to Windsor. Prepare for the worlds longest train ride.

We took the DLR to bank, then took the circle? To Paddington ten took great western to Slough then Slough to Windsor. And did I mention my mom couldn’t operate ticket machines?

So we went to the castle and the line stretched to MARS. Literally. So we went clothes shopping and got a crop top and went to this really weird house

I bent the wrong way lol (notice my flab? :/ )


Donkeys horses (my dad said horses were insulted 😀 )

So literally I cracked as soon as we got in. My parents were trying to fight with me, and tbh I just wanted to slap them. Because, I slept for like 8 hours and I was MELTING. So excuse me for being crabby.

So I didnt get any pics because I was too tired, and my mom made me stand in ridiculous poses. I tried to voice my concerns, but she was like ‘oh, we need these to put on your website’.

So, after meltville windsor, we went to the hotel.

We had room service, but I had food like half an hour before dinner and I has a sore stomach. So my dad started screaming, because I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to have my head blown off by the fire coming out of my dad’s mouth. Basically, it was ‘don’t act like a three-year old’ and ‘EAT YOUR DAMN DINNER’ and stuff I shouldn’t repeat.

I didn’t sleep well that night either.

Next day: GREENWICH (also meltville)

We went to the old royal naval college, and went to the meridian. That’s when I felt dizzy. And my dad was about to vomit (not kidding :O )

So we went back. And me and my mom went to Regent street, and there were about a BILLION MORONS PEOPLE

OMG I had to elbow everyone to get past.

So we got burger king and I ordered a Chicken Royale and pancakes.

Sounds nice, right?


OMG i couldnt sleep till 2AM 😦

Next day, we went to the Tower. It was very boring, to say the least. All we did was trek around the tower, while I was waiting for my feet to turn black and fall off. The only interesting part was seeing historic crowns. That was a teeny-tiny bit interesting.

We had hotdogs, and they were horrible. It was dry and disgusting. And the hotdog wasn’t that good either. (Inside joke that only I know).

We went to the station, and, um. That was it.

My giant bore-fest was over! (Thank the lord)

So, that’s my London story! (Btw it took over a month to write this post)

But, a quick notice.

To all my outside traffic (school, moms etc), please don’t try to be offended. All this garbage is only my opinion, and I’m not exactly an optimistic person. Or a happy person. Or even an adequate person. This is just what I think.When (if) you get a blog, you can post whatever you want on it. And to the people who think I’m swearing, I’m not. That stuff is only between me and my extremely tolerant brain. So if you feel offended, please contact me in the comments section, but please don’t escalate it into real life. That just gets me (and you) into an even bigger black hole of life. And I will cry if I get into another black hole. And once I cry, I can’t stop. Thank you  for your co-operation.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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