Is it right?

Ok, so I haven’t posted in 2 months, but stuff’s been going on.

In my head.

Ok, so we are not religious at all. My dad is not open minded; he doesn’t want to hear about maybe all the stuff in the bible happened. We don’t know. So, am I meant to oppose to Christianity, but on the other hand, it is nice to know that you have someone guiding you and protecting you. I was ridiculed for my beliefs, so there is a question on my mind.

Is it right?

I want to become a Christian, but should I be baptised? Do I have to go to church? I don’t want to, but I still want to have a bible on my bookshelf and know that someone is there.

My family will oppose, but does that stop me? I don’t know.

So this year I am asking for a breakthrough present.

A bible.

But I don’t want to get ridiculed because I opposed so strongly and then I became one of them.

A Christian. 

If anyone has anything to say, please say it because I’m unsure whether I should follow through or not. 


1 thought on “Is it right?”

  1. Sam, do what u want to do in life! Don’t let anyone stop you! You need to make your own path in life and create your own future,yes your parents are important and they help you shape your future,but you also need to shape it. So I would say get baptised and tell your parents how strongly you feel for your beliefs.
    From your friend, Sophia 🙂


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