Why I haven’t been on..

Ok, so we can pretty much say that I’ve been inactive for about 2 months. That’s because..

  1. I have a best friend!

I recently became friends with this new girl…she was ‘popular’ to me; she was different (as in a new form of short). So, we were in a club together. The rest is history.
She managed to support me through these unfortunate times…

The unamusement park

In English, we were put in groups to create a piece of persuasive writing to promote an amusement park. I was put in a group with the people I do not like. We had to come up with ideas for names of our rides.

From pure experience, I know to just shut my mouth because anything I say is automatically declared wrong.

Then the bossy girl in the group (wait…what? They were all bossy) was like ‘do you have any ideas?’


‘Ok, everybody stop! Now {my name}, think of an idea!’

‘I don’t have one’

‘Well that’s helping’,

‘Maybe if you weren’t blabbing to the girl next to you, I could think’,

Then we were writing the actual proposal. I didn’t know that you had to write the same thing as everyone else. Even though someone asked the teacher, and came back with the results, I don’t believe them until the teacher says it directly to my face.

‘You’re meant to write the same thing’,

‘It’s the same concept, but different words’,

‘You’re meant to write the same thing,’

So I gave her my book and said ‘ok you write it for me’.

Then that broke out into a screaming fight.

I was skiving :/

So we had house dance one day and I realized I forgot my PE kit

So I said to my friend ‘now I have an excuse not to do it’.

Then my teacher intervened and I just had to sit there like a bobblehead doll just nodding my head over and over and over again while she rambled on about ‘teamwork’.

Then, right before house dance (which I couldn’t do), my teacher was like ‘did you speak to your house captain?’

‘Yeah – I emailed her’,

‘You need to speak to her; that’s not good enough’,

So I was thinking ‘ok let me out of French so I can go speak to her’, because I emailed my house captain at break and house dance was at lunch, and French is between break and lunch.

So that was my grim week.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂