Please attend my funeral

Please visit my gofundme page I AM ACCEPTING FUNERAL DONATIONS So as you know, Easter break ends today, and tomorrow is school. Here are 47284748 reasons I don’t want to go back…. 1) My enemies 2) New girl 3) Science homework that I have to do as soon as I walk in the door 4) […]

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OK THIS IS 100% NOT CLICKBAIT I SWEAR TO GOD WE WERE ALMOST ROBBED. (Do not panic; the police were not involved, and everything is [mostly] OK) So at the end of the month, we are getting our garage roof redone, so obviously we have to clean it, and in order to do that we […]


I will be judged

I am currently writing this on my phone because I’m a lazy moron who forgot to write a post until now   If you know me, then you know I like to change things (pencilcases, school bags etc) and I have been questioned two million too many times.  So I will have a PARADISE after […]

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Instagram RANT

  Ok, so this isn’t specifically targeted at one person, rather than a group of people, and please do not leave any hate in the comments, because this is basically why I deleted my Instagram. 1) Great pictures I consider myself pretty selfie-genic. I rock the dog snapchat filter. Apparently others don’t. Whenever someone posts […]

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