Ok, PLEASE LISTEN (Literally I’ve done this like 3 times and NOBODY listens to me so I’m making this sticky lol) There has been a lot of drama going on (at this time) and I just want you to listen. First, what happens here STAYS HERE. If you don’t like a post, DO NOT ADDRESS THIS IN PERSON. Surprisingly, I’m […]


I have a problem

Ok, so I went to the hospital today to see about my dizziness and stomach pains. They told me probably labyrinthitis (infection of the inner ear) and they referred me to the ear department. They said stress was also a factor, but of course, since it’s me, it had to be worse, right? I have […]

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Please note before you read this is that HE is periods 3 and 4. OMFG I AM SO HAPPY HE IS OVER WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, as you all know, HE is my death. Its my worst subject, and the teacher had the NERVE to call me a twit. (Ldt me know if u want the story […]


Handcuffs have been loosened

YES! I finished exams (last week but who cares lol) and I feel like poop now. I think for *most* people my grades are pretty good, but idek the whole conversion to % and grades so plz help me out 😀 . Let me tell you my grades bc honestly GCSEs are like 4 years […]

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Instagram RANT pt 2

Now I remember why I quit… 1) People’s names in bio If I go on someone’s profile, they have the initials of their ‘besties’. Me, well I am obviously not normal and actually put something ABOUT myself. Wow, rebellious. 2) PENG I think every single selfie I have looked at has at least 10+ comments […]

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