Reacting to my drafts!!


Ok yes I know this post is a bit random but I was trying to think of what to post and I looked in my drafts and I have 13 DRAFTS. WTF.

So I thought it would be funny to post them and my written reaction (my reactions will be in bold and will be beneath the post (and I won’t react during the middle of the post because there might be some bold in the middle of the draft so 🙂 )

Untitled post

So, first of all I deleted that ‘goodbye’ post (if you haven’t seen it then that’s a VERY VERY GOOD thing) because it was like 9PM when I wrote it and I get messed up at night.


We went on a school trip to Stratford (which is in England and is the birthplace of William Shakespeare) and I will basically tell you (in a timeline format) what happened.

8:15AM I arrived at school with my little backpack, and non uniform (duh). I just hung out in the form room for 15 minutes.

8:30AM We got registered and got our lunches. I literally got the last cheese bap lol.

9:00AM We were on the coach (I sat next to *one* of my best friends both ways (mainly because we’re both lonely potatoes lol)). I was also hoping PRAYING that nobody was sick on the coach. My prayers were answered.


Ok so this was about a previous school trip to Stratford, and I made a depressing post called ‘Goodbye’ about me wanting to die (for the 2nd time lol) but I deleted it because I wrote it at night (what am I saying I write most of my posts at night) and I was all messed up, but jheez why did I feel the NEED to write about arriving to school like yeah since I went on a SCHOOL trip I need to arrive. Omg I’m messed up

One week…

(Lol I’m so bored and dizzy so enjoy my mindless rambles)
We have one week of school until summer with no lessons and let me tell you an=

Bruh I have no idea what is going on but I was writing about activity week (a time where we basically do workshops/trips all week and have no lessons and it’s pretty fun) but yes I have the right to celebrate because I mean it’s SUMMER, time for rain and unbearably hot weather! Yay! 😀

Reacting to August 2014 Archives

I’m just bored lol
Let me know if u would like to see more of these 🙂

I tried to make a screen record thing but wordpress doesn’t allow videos uploaded on a free plan so it kind of flopped, but they were SO fun to react to 😀 but I actually could make a vid and upload it to youtube and post the link on here…let me know plz

What I got for my birthday

My birthday was on Tuesday (4th) and as you can tell by the title, I will be telling you what I got for my birthday. Keep in mind I won’t be able to put pictures on because a) my computer is VERY slow and b) I won’t be able to show you the specific products, so there really is no use putting pictures in. (PS this might be a long post since my family spent like $500 on me 😀 )

1) Clip pencilcase, ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase, marshmallow pencilcase, pusheen pencilcase

I just wanted to clarify, a ‘clip’ pencilcase is basically 2 flat pencilcases with little clips so you can clip and unclip them.
A ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase is a 3-pocket pencilcase (2 on the side and 1 in the middle) with ‘bits and bobs’ on it.
A ‘marshmallow’ pencilcase is a big long fluffy pencilcase that has a face on the end and

When I say Tuesday 4th I mean April 4 but I wrote that like a day after my birthday but don’t worry I got more than 3 presents lol (I got 5 ok jk) but I wish I did that post but I kinda forgot what I got 😦

Room renovation

Ok, so over the pat (month?) we changed my room! Let me give you the tour! Plus so

Week 1 – The desk

So, the bottom half of my room was stuffed full of CDs and cassettes. So we moved all that (an an entertainment centre) and stuck in a desk! There’s also a neat compartment to stick my f

I just wanted to say that during this summer we completely renovated my room *insert smirking face* and EVERYTHING in it is mine (it was mainly my dads because before I was born it was a recording studio) so I am writing this post on a new painted desk 😀 but what I’m talking about was in November we did half of my room and put in a desk and if you’re wondering the word beginning with f was folders because there’s a built in bookshelf on my desk so that’s where I put my books and folders for school

Has it been so long?

I posted just two weeks ago, but it feels like a month.
How did this happen?

I am a weird human being help me but seriously I’m really getting back into blogging (not as much as when I started (3 posts/day))

Spread the fun!

If you, or you have a friend who wants a blog, I’m here to help you set it

Ok so during this period I was changing settings, themes etc and was REALLY into blogging, and at that time a girl in my class was asking how to set up a blog so I was like HELL YEAH but it kind of never happened….

Follow #bloggishupdate – trending on!

Ok, so I guess I should give you an update. I’ve been wanting to do this for AGES. So let me do it…

My birthday!! I got a year older on April 4
School started -_-
I’m going to France!! Only 10 days left!!
House ban…we have to go to lunch in ‘houses’ – see earlier posts

1) Yes I did turn 11 during that post 2) For me the hardest time to go back to school is after Easter, maybe because the Summer term is coming and that screams SPORTS all over (and me being the nerdy little geek I am…) 3) I was freaking out about that trip lol (I’ve written a post about it I think so go check that out 🙂 ) 4) I hated that because I had like one friend who was in a different house so I was lonely at lunchtime once again…

Less and less frequent

-No post text-

I think I posted something with this title but I have nothing to react to so…GLUE STICK (I named the thing closest to me because I have no imagination)

iPod Shuffle Review

-No post text-

Um… ok. Well I posted an ipod shuffle review idk if it’s still there but um, yeah. I AM AN AVID AND PRODUCTIVE PERSON PINEAPPLE POOP (I had to come up with a couple of alliterations so ignore the pineapple poop but seriously I wonder if pineapple poop…ask google I have no idea)

A magical Xmas!

Happy (almost) Xmas!

Take some time to share this AMAZING tree 🎄

Riveting. (I remember this cartoon I watched about teenagers and one of them put a camera in a tree for a project and the other one said ‘Riveting’ in the most monotone vice ever….you have had to see the episode to understand) But that tree emoji is, um, magical? I DONT KNOW I AM NOT AN EMOJI EXPERT. (Can you be one?)

Spotlight on Piggy!

Ok for ny first December post I will do a bio on piggy.

And…that never actually happened but for ny first post I will learn how to spell!! (I put ‘ny’ on purpose during the reaction btw) but seriously I do love piggy I had him as my avatar for 3 years so I HAVE RESPECT FOR YOU SENOR PIGGY (idk how to put symbols in) but let me know if I should do a bio on piggy!

Weather relations pt.1 

So I decided to write this short story, that turned into a longer one. Here’s the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy! 🙂



“Come on girls, we’re moving!”

The voices of Bella and Fernando Hernandez rang through the Spanish mansion.

Georgia Hernandez froze. Her head started to sweat.

An hour later, the Range Rover sped away.

Arctic life had begun.




The snow shot through the sky, little white dots streaking through the black eternal

Ok so I started writing this, and I kind of quit. On Friday I went to one of my best friend’s houses and she read it and literally it was so cringey we were both laughing so hard (remember I dismissed this for 2+ years so it was funny to read it) and this was like version 83935239 because I ALWAYS rewrote it (not redrafted I always started from scratch with a completely different plot line) but its in my wattpad (bloggish) I think so read at your own risk

Ok I think that’s all my drafts and at this point in the post I wrote 1,541 words (wordpress had a word count btw) so this might be my longest EVER post!! Congrats to me and my long suffering hands (I had to type this all up (except for the drafts I just copied them)) but the longest blog post ever was like 160,000 words long after the author DIED at the keyboard so most of it was probably like 67hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6 (I actually rested my head on the keys that was fun) but let me know about the archives reaction and piggy bio plz!!

Also, even though I’m not closing the poll down until Thursday afternoon/evening it looks like I’m doing daily posts so expect the weekday ones to be a bit shorter after Thursday (but it levels out because I’m doing 5 short posts/week so it’s ok)

I’m going to go now because my hands are literally about to fall off because I have relaly bad cramps, but not before my word count reaches 1700!

1697 words…

1698 words…

1699 words


1700 words!!

And there is screenshot proof!

Anyways my hands are about to fall off (as mentioned 28432928 times) so I’m gonna go give them a rest by playing on my phone 🙂


(I decided not to do the ‘your __________ friend’ because it’s cringey)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Something Old Post Style & Important Announcement!

First of all, before we start I’ve been thinking of having a schedule for my posts so please vote on my poll (it’ll be closed by Thursday)

<noscript><a href=”

>How often do you want bloggish posts??</a></noscript>

And a little blast to the past…I downloaded the program I used to post on so I’m going to write it in my old cringey style (PS I’m not that
rich but whatevs)

School’s almost in….

Ever heard of the phrase ‘school’s out’? Well, I (the 9-year old genius I am) came up with a new phrase. School’s in! So let me give you
the benefits of Year 8 (7th grade)!

1) It’s like year 7, but like, you have some social status
2) I go to a SNAZZY private school so I’m filthy rich
3) We get heavier books!
4) We aren’t the runt!

Well, that’s all for today. It’s late and dark (wtf its 8pm) and I have an appointment for mr swing and an MP3 player!

Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

So that’s basically my old posting style (go ahead feel free to look at the archives) and the things in brackets don’t apply to the post
its just me reacting so um yeah

Plz vote on my poll


~bloggerofthebloggish Smile (it wont let me type the regular smiley so have this one for today lol)


*Haru/Winter if u r reading this I AM SORRY FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME*

Ok so I had the weirdest dream last night lol (bear in mind I’ve never seen Harus face so if in my dream u look completely different I apologize)

Ok so I was in this some kind of elegant banqueting hall on my way home from school (we moved to a new area in my dream and I got lost) and I kept seeing Donald Trump. Whenever I would go in his general direction he would just swerve without saying a word.

I was aimlessly walking around for like 45 minutes and I said to someone ‘hey do you know where xyz is’

‘Oh yeah just 3 times over the horizon’

So I started walking and eventually (somehow) i ended up outside my front door. I went up to my room and saw ‘Haru’ in my room just chilling on the floor

(In my dream, Haru was very gothic she had a black T-shirt with mesh sleeves and black ripped jeans. She had no makeup on and had thick black shoulder length hair)

I was really chill and was like ‘Hey’


‘Um why are you in my room’

‘I’m Haru!’

‘Okiveliterallyneverseenyoubeforeinmylifewhytfareyouinmyroom Oh hi!’

We were talking about random stuff I forgot what but it was actually fun!

My dream ended with me and Haru standing in front of a school helipad

I actually need help but Haru if youre reading this dont be offended or anything I just am a weird human being

I had a couple of others as well:

Dream 1:

I was standing in front of a pool and Liza Koshy and this other person were there like putting floats in the pool

‘Hey kid you wanna get in the pool with Lizzza?’

‘I could but I’m too good’


Dream 2:

(I wasn’t in this one btw)

There’s an animator called theodd1sout and he was teaching a kid how to swim. The kid was flat on his face in the pool floating towards the deep end

‘Well my job’s done’

Idk what happened to that kid (and he’s not the same kid in dream 3)

Dream 3:

There was like the X factor going on and in the pool there were the judges at their panel and the audience was there too. An orphaned boy came out, on crutches with one leg and wanted a selfie with one of the judges. Apparently, Ginny Weasley was in the background taking a selfie and he photo bombed apparently, so the audience climbs out of the pool and starts ATTACKING him (I laughed while writing this I’m messed up) but the boy wasn’t hurt because as soon as he was surrounded by people the dream ended

Dream 4 (last one I swear):

The Weasley family were eating at a table in the SAME FREAKING POOL and Idk how but George Weasley died and Fred said ‘at least I’m not the little one’ (btw Fred is actually older that is a PROPER FACT)

So those were all my messed up dreams (Haru if youre reading this plz msg me on ig) but I’ll post more insane ones in the future


Your insane friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Matlock bath (part 5000)

Idk how many of these I’ve done but I haven’t done one of these in a long time so…

(and to satisfy all of you, the person with me in the pics is my best friend who I went with and she gave permission for me to show her face in the pics but she will be unnamed)

So I’ll just put the pics and narrate them ok lets go

Dis is a view from the top of one of the hills (there’s a mountain as well there)

Me and my bestie (I’m the one in jeans btw) standing by the view 🙂

Me my bestie and my mom taking a selfie (we didn’t fit that well loll)

Us standing next to some metallic cows (actually sitting but oh well)

WE ARE ON A DONKEY (it isn’t real loll)

As u can probably tell my best friend is very very short so she had to jump to get her face in the hole and this is the best pic we got 😀

These are all from the cavern tour we went on (i didnt take alot of pics because it was dark and very slippery)

Us taking pics from the Tinkers Shaft (it was on a very high hill as well)

The view from the top of the hill on Tinker’s Shaft

Help me loll but I was trying to take a pic with the view and it kinda failed 😹

Also on the top of Tinkers Shaft

Us standing in front of the old cable car

Us standing in front of the new cable car (yes we went on/in a cable car)

Pics from the train (I had to cover the last one up because it had her Instagram name which has her real name in it so)


So we really liked it and basically went to the playgrounds, in an underground cavern, gem ‘mining’ (aka digging in a box of gems and filling a bag with them) and panning for fools gold and I had 2 slices of cake 😛

But it was fun and actually this is the last time I will see her until the 31st when school starts 😒


Your fat friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

(Officially) 3 YEARS


Its been 3 years yesterday (also the day of the eclipse that I DID NOT SEE) that BLOGGING STARTED OMG

I’m not going to put a long memorial post or anything because I am writing a long post straight after this one but just look up my 3 year post where I recapped my blogging journey



Your ecstatic friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Ok so this morning I was on snapchat and I came across one of the stories that said ‘blueberry’. I didn’t exactly think much of it like ok maybe it’s an in joke or something to do with love island (a show that everyone except me watches) or whatever. Then I saw ‘strawberry’ and another ‘blueberry’ that’s when I googled why people do this. I found:


And also this:


So I’m gonna go full kill-joy mode and say smh.

And also 10 reasons why this is completely stupid

1) Fruit is a FOOD and not a relationship object

2) Tbh it wastes everyone’s time

3) Nobody cares if you are a blueberry or a pineapple

4) Why are ppl my age even concerned about relationships I go to an all girls school 🙄

5) It will just cause drama if you are a lemon but someone has a huge crush on you

6) It’s yet another pointless thing people do for ‘raising awareness’ when in reality it isn’t actually doing anything when your followers are friends from kindergarten

7) I like pure food

8) Don’t confuse anyone life is already confusing enough

9) It’s completely stupid

10) If you have time to do this then please find something to do

Now about #6, I like to raise awareness for diseases but when you see ‘add ________ for cancer and I can see who saw this’ for the 50th time I kind of want to stop. If you want to do something meaningful then do a bake sale or a sponsored silence and give your money to a cancer charity or whatever disease you’re raising awareness about. Or if you want to do something easy, then set up a blog or put leaflets up but don’t waste time putting useless ‘add ______ for cancer’ on social media. It isn’t doing anything, nobody cares and it’s just pointless

And if you have hate then just send it to my Sarahah ( where I don’t read it and don’t care

But to hop on this moronic trend I will say this:

I am mostly a blueberry but other times I’m a raspberry except for the Sundays when I’m a pineapple or when I’m a lemon which is only occasionally. But when I’m hanging with friends I’m a cherry but other times I can just be a banana



Your loveless friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Idk if anyone here has heard of this, but in my neighbourhood there are like 2 schools, so people from my school follow people from other schools our age.

Literally everyone is using Sarahah, where you could leave anonymous feedback and yeah…I have an anxiety disorder I'm an introvert so I decided no.


I deleted it soon after but here are the messages that I got

Yeah I suck at makeup I know that but ok before I continue everyone will say 'yeah it's anonymous feedback people can put what they want bla bla bla…' but JUST LET ME RANT OK

I see other people respond to Sarahah messages that are like 'fit' and 'bestie' etc. Now I know I've only had it for like 3 hours but still (all my friends are nerds anyway so they wouldn't do that lol) IM TRYING OK

But can you see why I love people like omg I love humanity if this is what people think of me then why am I spending all this energy trying to earn their approval


go ahead leave your hate but just so you know I'm not getting involved in this Sarahah stuff because my ego is already pretty deflated

God I hate myself I actually suck at makeup

THANK YOU FOR THE CLARIFICATION I WILL NOW GO SIT IN A DITCH BYE I LOVE HATE YOU ALL (unless you didn't write that and are actually nice in real life)


Your depressed friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Ps don't get too concerned I'm going to the beach tomorrow so I'll forget about this anyway 🙂

I have no idea what I’m doing

I'm bored af it's almost 11pm and I'm listening to songs that I had like a year ago but they're actually really good and stuff yeah

So I'll just talk about my anxiety disorder because it makes me feel special

I had an appointment in June when I got diagnosed and I missed like 90% of French class and everyone was doing past tense and I was like OK I KNOW NONE OF THIS SO HOPEFULLY THE TEACHER KNOWS THAT I JUST WALKED IN AND NOT CALL ON ME

'Samantha what's question 5'

Blood pressure: 100000000000000000000


And the thing was everyone loved that teacher except for me, she was one of those who DANCED AROUND THE CLASS to get us to learn words

%of French forgotten because of that strategy: 99.9999999999999999994%

Of course there was that time I was told *by my TUTORS* that when I write here I'm 'in the moment' and should let myself recouperate or whatever


ok I'll just never say anything to anyone again and slowly go insane

And I'll blame you ok good

But you know in that class with the teacher everyone loves (French in my case) and everyone becomes a suck up yeah that's why French was hell for me because I was just bored because I completed the whole exercise when the teacher wasn't even done with question 1 so I just fiddle around and pray the clock is slow or something god school is boring

Not that French is different because there's suck ups everywhere so I'm not exactly surprised

I am not a suck up, in fact I'm probably the first one to not do anything for my teachers birthday because I believe in mutual gifts so you give me a gift I'll give you one back

I'm bored

But everyone always asked me 'oh do you like Miss XYZ' and I'm like haha no and they're like 'oh she's so fun she dances and plays games and stuff'


I'm just a weird person ok moving on

I'm a good student my grades are good and I'm pretty much a 'teacher's dream' (my moms a teacher and she told me that so yeah)

I WANT AN OREO – bloggish 2k17

idk what I just did lol

I'm bored lol

Oh we cleaned this giant box that had been in the kitchen for like 10 years and my dad stood where the tote was and started crying like DUDE it's a piece of carpeting

Like I got makeup brushed yesterday that were expensive

'We could have gone to B&Q and got you paintbrushes for £5'


no no no the female mind doesn't work like that


ok I'm going to go my thumbs hurt


Your weird friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

10 weird things I did when I was little (pt 2)

Ok so I wrote this like 1 second after I posted the pt 1 (yay I’m on track) but here are 5 weird photo phases I went though (thanks to snapchats date tracker i can also say when I had these phases as well)

1. I had this thing where I did a ✌️ over my face and looked up like a zombie. (November 2016) Exhibit A:

2. I also had a phase where I would just STARE into the camera intently for no apparent reason and slightly open my mouth. Idk why (November 2016)

3. I had this thing where I would weirdly tilt my head to the side and put my hand on my chin. Help plz. (September 2016) and yes I’m wearing a rainbow dash mlp t-shirt? Ok? It’s comfy.

4. I had this thing where I would look to the side (no ✌️ but kinda related to it) like I was caught off guard and I realised I took the selfie below on a BUS, imagine how people would react just seeing me pose for a selfie (God I’m so embarrassing)

5. And finally my obsession with the dog filter. Need I say more?

OK I THINK WE CAN ALL ESTABLISH FROM THIS POST THAT IM UGLY AF BUT whatever just leave your comments and don’t confront me about how I’m ‘hurting you’ or ‘fishing for compliments’ or whatever because I don’t care (I’m writing this at like midnight so I’m going crazy here ok?) because I’ve had people (they know who they are) peers and TEACHERS that have confronted me like ‘oh your hurting us’ or ‘just write in a DIARY’
Nice way to tell someone with anxiety. That is so nice, I LOVE MY SCHOOL SO MUCH

ok the insanity is getting to me now :/

But seriously I don’t care about your opinion because it’s not my job to make you happy, this is where I express myself so if you don’t like it then leave I don’t care just don’t be an idiot and confront me even after the disclaimer so yeah I could really care less about what you think so bye

But if you’re my friend (irl or blogging) then you can skip past this rant because that was for the people who read it and decide to make a stupid decision and confront me even after I said to not do that wow I love people

Ok I’m going to end it because I’m going crazy now


Your enraged friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

10 weird things I did when I was little

Ok so when I was little I was always that kid who made a big scene at the kindergarten drop off. You know that kid, who thinks their mothers jeans are the key to immortality. I was that kid for about 2 years. So I inspired myself to do 10 weird things I did when I was little (and maybe some of you did too idk)

1. I thought leftover toothpaste (aka toothpaste sitting in the cupboard for a month) was poisonous

2. I never stepped on the cracks, but I didn't hear the famous saying until later

3. I cried when I broke a headband

4. I could save up to £100 at a time and now I'm lucky if I can save £5

5. I had this phase where everything in my backpack had to be yellow. I don't know why (even though yellow is my favourite colour idk why i had this whole theme going on)

Ok even though the title said 10 I'm going to do part 2 where I do weird photo phases bc I was going through my old snapchat stuff and found lots of cringy photos so yeah


Your embarrassing friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂