10 weird things I did when I was little (pt 2)

Ok so I wrote this like 1 second after I posted the pt 1 (yay I’m on track) but here are 5 weird photo phases I went though (thanks to snapchats date tracker i can also say when I had these phases as well)

1. I had this thing where I did a ✌️ over my face and looked up like a zombie. (November 2016) Exhibit A:

2. I also had a phase where I would just STARE into the camera intently for no apparent reason and slightly open my mouth. Idk why (November 2016)

3. I had this thing where I would weirdly tilt my head to the side and put my hand on my chin. Help plz. (September 2016) and yes I’m wearing a rainbow dash mlp t-shirt? Ok? It’s comfy.

4. I had this thing where I would look to the side (no ✌️ but kinda related to it) like I was caught off guard and I realised I took the selfie below on a BUS, imagine how people would react just seeing me pose for a selfie (God I’m so embarrassing)

5. And finally my obsession with the dog filter. Need I say more?

OK I THINK WE CAN ALL ESTABLISH FROM THIS POST THAT IM UGLY AF BUT whatever just leave your comments and don’t confront me about how I’m ‘hurting you’ or ‘fishing for compliments’ or whatever because I don’t care (I’m writing this at like midnight so I’m going crazy here ok?) because I’ve had people (they know who they are) peers and TEACHERS that have confronted me like ‘oh your hurting us’ or ‘just write in a DIARY’
Nice way to tell someone with anxiety. That is so nice, I LOVE MY SCHOOL SO MUCH

ok the insanity is getting to me now :/

But seriously I don’t care about your opinion because it’s not my job to make you happy, this is where I express myself so if you don’t like it then leave I don’t care just don’t be an idiot and confront me even after the disclaimer so yeah I could really care less about what you think so bye

But if you’re my friend (irl or blogging) then you can skip past this rant because that was for the people who read it and decide to make a stupid decision and confront me even after I said to not do that wow I love people

Ok I’m going to end it because I’m going crazy now


Your enraged friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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