*Haru/Winter if u r reading this I AM SORRY FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME*

Ok so I had the weirdest dream last night lol (bear in mind I’ve never seen Harus face so if in my dream u look completely different I apologize)

Ok so I was in this some kind of elegant banqueting hall on my way home from school (we moved to a new area in my dream and I got lost) and I kept seeing Donald Trump. Whenever I would go in his general direction he would just swerve without saying a word.

I was aimlessly walking around for like 45 minutes and I said to someone ‘hey do you know where xyz is’

‘Oh yeah just 3 times over the horizon’

So I started walking and eventually (somehow) i ended up outside my front door. I went up to my room and saw ‘Haru’ in my room just chilling on the floor

(In my dream, Haru was very gothic she had a black T-shirt with mesh sleeves and black ripped jeans. She had no makeup on and had thick black shoulder length hair)

I was really chill and was like ‘Hey’


‘Um why are you in my room’

‘I’m Haru!’

‘Okiveliterallyneverseenyoubeforeinmylifewhytfareyouinmyroom Oh hi!’

We were talking about random stuff I forgot what but it was actually fun!

My dream ended with me and Haru standing in front of a school helipad

I actually need help but Haru if youre reading this dont be offended or anything I just am a weird human being

I had a couple of others as well:

Dream 1:

I was standing in front of a pool and Liza Koshy and this other person were there like putting floats in the pool

‘Hey kid you wanna get in the pool with Lizzza?’

‘I could but I’m too good’


Dream 2:

(I wasn’t in this one btw)

There’s an animator called theodd1sout and he was teaching a kid how to swim. The kid was flat on his face in the pool floating towards the deep end

‘Well my job’s done’

Idk what happened to that kid (and he’s not the same kid in dream 3)

Dream 3:

There was like the X factor going on and in the pool there were the judges at their panel and the audience was there too. An orphaned boy came out, on crutches with one leg and wanted a selfie with one of the judges. Apparently, Ginny Weasley was in the background taking a selfie and he photo bombed apparently, so the audience climbs out of the pool and starts ATTACKING him (I laughed while writing this I’m messed up) but the boy wasn’t hurt because as soon as he was surrounded by people the dream ended

Dream 4 (last one I swear):

The Weasley family were eating at a table in the SAME FREAKING POOL and Idk how but George Weasley died and Fred said ‘at least I’m not the little one’ (btw Fred is actually older that is a PROPER FACT)

So those were all my messed up dreams (Haru if youre reading this plz msg me on ig) but I’ll post more insane ones in the future


Your insane friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

2 thoughts on “I HAD A DREAM ABOUT HARU”

  1. HAHA that is so weird you described me perfectly??? like I do have almost shoulder length very dark brown hair that looks black, I never wear makeup and i wear a lot of goth clothes like the clothes I was wearing in your dream are legit things I would wear– but that’s funny and cool that I was in your dream

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