Something Old Post Style & Important Announcement!

First of all, before we start I’ve been thinking of having a schedule for my posts so please vote on my poll (it’ll be closed by Thursday)

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And a little blast to the past…I downloaded the program I used to post on so I’m going to write it in my old cringey style (PS I’m not that
rich but whatevs)

School’s almost in….

Ever heard of the phrase ‘school’s out’? Well, I (the 9-year old genius I am) came up with a new phrase. School’s in! So let me give you
the benefits of Year 8 (7th grade)!

1) It’s like year 7, but like, you have some social status
2) I go to a SNAZZY private school so I’m filthy rich
3) We get heavier books!
4) We aren’t the runt!

Well, that’s all for today. It’s late and dark (wtf its 8pm) and I have an appointment for mr swing and an MP3 player!

Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

So that’s basically my old posting style (go ahead feel free to look at the archives) and the things in brackets don’t apply to the post
its just me reacting so um yeah

Plz vote on my poll


~bloggerofthebloggish Smile (it wont let me type the regular smiley so have this one for today lol)


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