Reacting to my drafts!!


Ok yes I know this post is a bit random but I was trying to think of what to post and I looked in my drafts and I have 13 DRAFTS. WTF.

So I thought it would be funny to post them and my written reaction (my reactions will be in bold and will be beneath the post (and I won’t react during the middle of the post because there might be some bold in the middle of the draft so 🙂 )

Untitled post

So, first of all I deleted that ‘goodbye’ post (if you haven’t seen it then that’s a VERY VERY GOOD thing) because it was like 9PM when I wrote it and I get messed up at night.


We went on a school trip to Stratford (which is in England and is the birthplace of William Shakespeare) and I will basically tell you (in a timeline format) what happened.

8:15AM I arrived at school with my little backpack, and non uniform (duh). I just hung out in the form room for 15 minutes.

8:30AM We got registered and got our lunches. I literally got the last cheese bap lol.

9:00AM We were on the coach (I sat next to *one* of my best friends both ways (mainly because we’re both lonely potatoes lol)). I was also hoping PRAYING that nobody was sick on the coach. My prayers were answered.


Ok so this was about a previous school trip to Stratford, and I made a depressing post called ‘Goodbye’ about me wanting to die (for the 2nd time lol) but I deleted it because I wrote it at night (what am I saying I write most of my posts at night) and I was all messed up, but jheez why did I feel the NEED to write about arriving to school like yeah since I went on a SCHOOL trip I need to arrive. Omg I’m messed up

One week…

(Lol I’m so bored and dizzy so enjoy my mindless rambles)
We have one week of school until summer with no lessons and let me tell you an=

Bruh I have no idea what is going on but I was writing about activity week (a time where we basically do workshops/trips all week and have no lessons and it’s pretty fun) but yes I have the right to celebrate because I mean it’s SUMMER, time for rain and unbearably hot weather! Yay! 😀

Reacting to August 2014 Archives

I’m just bored lol
Let me know if u would like to see more of these 🙂

I tried to make a screen record thing but wordpress doesn’t allow videos uploaded on a free plan so it kind of flopped, but they were SO fun to react to 😀 but I actually could make a vid and upload it to youtube and post the link on here…let me know plz

What I got for my birthday

My birthday was on Tuesday (4th) and as you can tell by the title, I will be telling you what I got for my birthday. Keep in mind I won’t be able to put pictures on because a) my computer is VERY slow and b) I won’t be able to show you the specific products, so there really is no use putting pictures in. (PS this might be a long post since my family spent like $500 on me 😀 )

1) Clip pencilcase, ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase, marshmallow pencilcase, pusheen pencilcase

I just wanted to clarify, a ‘clip’ pencilcase is basically 2 flat pencilcases with little clips so you can clip and unclip them.
A ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase is a 3-pocket pencilcase (2 on the side and 1 in the middle) with ‘bits and bobs’ on it.
A ‘marshmallow’ pencilcase is a big long fluffy pencilcase that has a face on the end and

When I say Tuesday 4th I mean April 4 but I wrote that like a day after my birthday but don’t worry I got more than 3 presents lol (I got 5 ok jk) but I wish I did that post but I kinda forgot what I got 😦

Room renovation

Ok, so over the pat (month?) we changed my room! Let me give you the tour! Plus so

Week 1 – The desk

So, the bottom half of my room was stuffed full of CDs and cassettes. So we moved all that (an an entertainment centre) and stuck in a desk! There’s also a neat compartment to stick my f

I just wanted to say that during this summer we completely renovated my room *insert smirking face* and EVERYTHING in it is mine (it was mainly my dads because before I was born it was a recording studio) so I am writing this post on a new painted desk 😀 but what I’m talking about was in November we did half of my room and put in a desk and if you’re wondering the word beginning with f was folders because there’s a built in bookshelf on my desk so that’s where I put my books and folders for school

Has it been so long?

I posted just two weeks ago, but it feels like a month.
How did this happen?

I am a weird human being help me but seriously I’m really getting back into blogging (not as much as when I started (3 posts/day))

Spread the fun!

If you, or you have a friend who wants a blog, I’m here to help you set it

Ok so during this period I was changing settings, themes etc and was REALLY into blogging, and at that time a girl in my class was asking how to set up a blog so I was like HELL YEAH but it kind of never happened….

Follow #bloggishupdate – trending on!

Ok, so I guess I should give you an update. I’ve been wanting to do this for AGES. So let me do it…

My birthday!! I got a year older on April 4
School started -_-
I’m going to France!! Only 10 days left!!
House ban…we have to go to lunch in ‘houses’ – see earlier posts

1) Yes I did turn 11 during that post 2) For me the hardest time to go back to school is after Easter, maybe because the Summer term is coming and that screams SPORTS all over (and me being the nerdy little geek I am…) 3) I was freaking out about that trip lol (I’ve written a post about it I think so go check that out 🙂 ) 4) I hated that because I had like one friend who was in a different house so I was lonely at lunchtime once again…

Less and less frequent

-No post text-

I think I posted something with this title but I have nothing to react to so…GLUE STICK (I named the thing closest to me because I have no imagination)

iPod Shuffle Review

-No post text-

Um… ok. Well I posted an ipod shuffle review idk if it’s still there but um, yeah. I AM AN AVID AND PRODUCTIVE PERSON PINEAPPLE POOP (I had to come up with a couple of alliterations so ignore the pineapple poop but seriously I wonder if pineapple poop…ask google I have no idea)

A magical Xmas!

Happy (almost) Xmas!

Take some time to share this AMAZING tree 🎄

Riveting. (I remember this cartoon I watched about teenagers and one of them put a camera in a tree for a project and the other one said ‘Riveting’ in the most monotone vice ever….you have had to see the episode to understand) But that tree emoji is, um, magical? I DONT KNOW I AM NOT AN EMOJI EXPERT. (Can you be one?)

Spotlight on Piggy!

Ok for ny first December post I will do a bio on piggy.

And…that never actually happened but for ny first post I will learn how to spell!! (I put ‘ny’ on purpose during the reaction btw) but seriously I do love piggy I had him as my avatar for 3 years so I HAVE RESPECT FOR YOU SENOR PIGGY (idk how to put symbols in) but let me know if I should do a bio on piggy!

Weather relations pt.1 

So I decided to write this short story, that turned into a longer one. Here’s the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy! 🙂



“Come on girls, we’re moving!”

The voices of Bella and Fernando Hernandez rang through the Spanish mansion.

Georgia Hernandez froze. Her head started to sweat.

An hour later, the Range Rover sped away.

Arctic life had begun.




The snow shot through the sky, little white dots streaking through the black eternal

Ok so I started writing this, and I kind of quit. On Friday I went to one of my best friend’s houses and she read it and literally it was so cringey we were both laughing so hard (remember I dismissed this for 2+ years so it was funny to read it) and this was like version 83935239 because I ALWAYS rewrote it (not redrafted I always started from scratch with a completely different plot line) but its in my wattpad (bloggish) I think so read at your own risk

Ok I think that’s all my drafts and at this point in the post I wrote 1,541 words (wordpress had a word count btw) so this might be my longest EVER post!! Congrats to me and my long suffering hands (I had to type this all up (except for the drafts I just copied them)) but the longest blog post ever was like 160,000 words long after the author DIED at the keyboard so most of it was probably like 67hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6 (I actually rested my head on the keys that was fun) but let me know about the archives reaction and piggy bio plz!!

Also, even though I’m not closing the poll down until Thursday afternoon/evening it looks like I’m doing daily posts so expect the weekday ones to be a bit shorter after Thursday (but it levels out because I’m doing 5 short posts/week so it’s ok)

I’m going to go now because my hands are literally about to fall off because I have relaly bad cramps, but not before my word count reaches 1700!

1697 words…

1698 words…

1699 words


1700 words!!

And there is screenshot proof!

Anyways my hands are about to fall off (as mentioned 28432928 times) so I’m gonna go give them a rest by playing on my phone 🙂


(I decided not to do the ‘your __________ friend’ because it’s cringey)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂



One thought on “Reacting to my drafts!!

  1. LOVE the reaction post! Do more of these! And I really enjoyed your review posts with piggies and snouts, so hope to see more of them. And a big whopping YES to the piggy bio.


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