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The survey will close at 11:45PM (September 8th) England time so you have plenty of time to vote!!

Chaio! (Sorry this was a short post)

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I meant to post this on Saturday but oh well


I meant to post this yesterday but tbh I was busy so get 2 posts in 1 day (woo hoo) so DONT KILL ME IVE BEEN GOOD

8:15 am I went to our cafeteria where my squad (yea we’re a squad with a real name and everything) was waiting and we basically did the whole ‘omg I haven’t seen u in 2 months how have you been’ kinda thing. We walked around pretending like we knew what we were doing but in reality we probably looked a little dazed.

8:30 am We had our double form period where we basically went over rules, regulations (what am I saying they’re the same things) and stuff. I managed to break someone’s waterbottle because I’m SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

10:10 am We started math (I’m in the highest/top set if you were wondering) where, um I COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED MYSELF BY MESSING UP A PROBLEM ON THE BOARD but it was all Gucci.

11:10 am we had an early break because we were meant to be with our Year 7 buddies (we ‘mentor’ a kid a year younger than us bc you know starting secondary school and stuff) but mine is really nice and we’re kinda friends (jk we’re friends).

11:40 am We had our next double: History! The history teacher is SUPER cool basically she said ‘I’m not going to try and make you learn and you can doodle in class and do whatever you want as long as you can learn’ Like, YES. I doodle all the time because I an one of those people that has a shortish attention span and likes to draw even though I’m bad. And from her I learnt that my birthday was the same day Martin Luther King Jr was shot.

12:55 pm Lunch time!! I went with my friends on the school field and a bunch of Year 3s were there. This was our conversation

Y3: Are you seniors?

Me: Yea

Y3: Why are you here? Are you allowed here?

Me: We’re the lunchtime staff

(Ok I might have thought of that amazing comeback AFTER that convo but I’m still saving it for the future)

We were super late as in (any year 9 that haven’t eaten need to go to the front) like THEY DIDNT EVEN SAY MY YEAR GROUP THAT WAS HOW LATE I WAS but it was ok my friends are year 9 and I’m taller than them so I passed myself off as a year 9.

2:20 pm Spanish! In year 7 we had half a year of German and half a year of Spanish so we could get a feel of those subjects and then in Year 8 we got to pick our subjects. In the email my mom sent to school (basically an email the school sent out saying ‘is there any reason your child should be taking X language?) she said that she can fluently speak Spanish and like half the books we own are in either Russian or Spanish and my mom was (and I think still is) a Spanish uni teacher so I kinda had to go in Spanish but yeah. My mom was reading my text book when I got home to look out for ERRORS.

2:55 pm Last period of the day: English! We had the same teacher as last year who is one that’s like ‘oh, you murdered someone in my class? that’s ok just bring you homework for next week’ kind of person (she’s not exactly like that don’t worry) and we read some of Anne Frank’s diary which is super interesting.



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The poll is closed!!

Ok so basically I meant to do this yesterday but it was first day of school, homework, heavy books etc. So I decided to do it today, so I’m not going to be changing the results (eg If you vote for like weekly posts AFTER this post is up then it doesn’t count) but I’m going to be doing DAILY POSTS! YAYY!

So for this post I’ll rant about my teacher who doesn’t like me.

So teachers were pretty much the same except for History and Physics where we got new teachers. The Physics teacher is completely new to the school (History teacher has been here for a long time so we kinda knew her like around the school) and she is a Dr. (like my Mom) Per my mom’s request, I asked her where she got her PhD (the thing you need to become a Dr) from.

‘Cambridge, ok?’


I’m a very quiet student, there are some who, um, aren’t. We sat in alphabetical order but the girl next to me is really nice (to me anyway) but is very loud. I have grown to tolerate this and kind of think of it as the you-need-white-noise-to-sleep thing. So my teacher loves that girl and I’m like BRUH. I DID A BIBLIOGRAPHY WHEN I WAS 9 (idk what that had to do with anything). I’m not trying to be one of those people who complain and want to be the teacher’s pet but like, the way she answered my question. The tone of her voice was very lets-get-this-out-of-the-way-so-this-moron-can-get-out-of-my-hair kind of tone. Basically the tone you get when you ask someone having a bad day how their day is going.

So I literally never raised my hand in class because, um, I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LIGHT (literally I’ve never felt stupider when obvious answers like ‘It’s bright’ were accepted. I mean I COULD HAVE CONTRIBUTED but my conscience is stronger than peppermint spray).

So that was my random rant about my Physics teacher that hates me


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