Ok, so at school (a couple of weeks ago we’re on half term right now), I literally had one of the most embarrassing days of that school year. Before we start, I just wanted to call out everyone mentioned in this story, but I am probably having a mood swing (or had just read some sad stories lol) so in an hour I will probably have euphoric feelings until I get depressed again

So that day, I couldn’t have a hot lunch at school (they had run out oops) and had to have a cheese bap, which I don’t exactly like. I sat down with my cheese bap and milk, and I spilled milk all over my bap. I didn’t have any vegetables/side dishes with my lunch, so I had half a soggy cheese bap for lunch

But in English (which is last period), I clipped my locker key onto my bag strap because I was bored as hell because I hate English.

After the lesson, I reached to my skirt to grab my key and obviously it wasn’t there. Now, my teacher is super nice so when I told her I ‘lost’ my key, she started to look for it. I burst into tears because that locker key was over 20 pounds (in currency because my keyboard doesnt have the pound sign soo…) and my phone was in my locker and if I came home without my phone my parents would be LIVID. There were a couple of people in the class doing the cliche ‘are you ok?’ in the most monotone voice you’ve ever heard. I eventually found my key and just hightailed it outside, where I tripped up the stairs on my way off the grounds.

So I’ve been on instagram and looking at these ‘give me hope stories’

This is pretty much the formula for a ‘give me hope story’

A title for the story, usually providing a small background

Something about feelings/emotion/depression etc
Some boy going out of his way to please the girl

Then ending with ‘[Name], you GMH’/'[Name], your LGMH’

(Gmh = Gives Me hope
Lgmh = Love Gives Me hope)

So I’m going to add a GMH story to this trend

A few weeks ago I ‘lost’ my locker key in English class

As my teacher was looking, I burst into tears
Nobody cared, because I’m unpopular and unliked

Nobody GMH

So that’s me being cliche and depressed (since when am I not cliche and depressed lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂