What I got for Xmas 2017

I could do a youtube video about this, but I’m lazy and would rather type than edit. When I watched ‘what I got for xmas’ videos on youtube, I was baf fled at how little they got compared to me. So, let me take this opportunity to implicitly brag about how much stuff I got. […]

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I miss 2015 where everyone was still on their blogs I miss talking to my online peeps I miss being one of the only people left I miss it 😦

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The Sanctuary

Ok, so I’ve really been itching to write lately, so here is me writing about how literally NO ROOM in the house is free because we have 3493844 people in it (ok just 5, but that’s 2 more than usual) Let me go through all the rooms in the house, and list their opening hours […]

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I’m a Satanist

Yes, you read that right. I am now a satanist. I drew a pentagram on the back of my hand with a red sharpie 2 hours ago; that counts as entrance to the satanic temple to me. Basically, I have been considering joining for months, but because of my STRONGLY ATHEIST dad, I am not […]

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Ma Gradez

Ok, so first of all, I’m really sorry for not posting; school has literally been crushing me and literally I have ZERO free time, and I have been doing lots of writing so I haven’t really had time to come back here. Anyway, on Friday, we had a half day (on the last day before […]

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