40 facts about me/Old forum posts

Ok so I tried to do a 50 facts but that kinda flopped, so here are 40 FACTS because I just wanted to be entertaining for once

  1. My real name is Samantha Nolastnamegiven
  2. I have shoulder – length chestnut brown hair
  3. I have hazel eyes (which is annoying when I do quizzes involving my eye colour)
  4. I wear glasses
  5. I am very tall for my age (and just in general)
  6. I live in England
  7. I either wear pale pink or white tops
  8. I either wear sweatpants or leggings
  9. My favourite colour is yellow, but my room is blue (I like blue too don’t worry)
  10. I am introverted
  11. I don’t have many friends (wow really I didn’t know that)
  12. I’ve been bullied for my blog
  13. I love Pusheen
  14. I love makeup
  15. I favor cats over dogs
  16. I go to private school
  17. I’m American and Russian
  18. I’m a nerd
  19. I have anxiety
  20. My favourite song is Chandelier by Sia
  21. I’m the tallest and youngest in my friend group :/
  22. My birthday is April 4
  23. I was born 1 day early
  24. I have been physically, emotionally and cyberbullied
  25. I have been suicidal
  26. I have self harmed
  27. I am constantly paranoid about being judged
  28. I suck at PE
  29. I am a STEM person
  30. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  31. My favorite subjects are IT (computing) and Spanish
  32. I love binge watching youtube
  33. I collect LAMY fountain pens
  34. I collect makeup
  35. My favourite youtubers are: Logan Paul, Jaidenanimations, theodd1sout, NiliPOD and Eve Bennett
  36. I once had stomach cramps so bad I was in hospital and stayed off school for 4 days
  37. 95% of my family doesn’t live in England
  38. I’ve been abroad twice: to the U.S. and France (I’ve mentioned France before on this blog)
  39. I think I’ve said this, but BLOGGISH was actually a forum only my parents could read
  40. My favorite food is salted popcorn

Ok, so that’s done. Let me refer to fact 39, and say that BLOGGISH used to be a private forum, and I have some really cringey posts from around April of 2014. As soon as I set this blog up, I stopped using my forum, but I managed to snatch all of my posts from there, so enjoy!


Welcome to my new blog! :)

There are some rules, so make sure you follow them, or I will BAN YOU! MWAHAHA! 8D

  1. No LINKS to any other sites such as Youtube or chat rooms.
  2. No SPAM is allowed. No chain letters. Delete them and let the admin know as soon as possible.
  3. No posting in the BLOG thread. Your post will be banned. Only post in “Comments”.
  4. No sharing PERSONAL DETAILS such as passwords, emails, phone numbers etc…
  5. Only post PHOTOS, VIDEOS, POSTS and QUOTES. Any other post will be deleted. HTML codes are NOT allowed.

If you have any questions, post them in the Questions thread in the COMMENTS board.


15 random things about myself

Hmm… that’s not easy, but I’ll give it a go.

1. I’m only 9 years old!
2. I’m CRAZY about butterflies and stationary.
3. I have eczema.
4. I freak out if I see any bugs (except ants).
5. My top 3 favourite colours are yellow, blue and purple.
6. I have no pets.
7. I hate sweets and ice cream.
8. My favourite book is the “Big Nate” collection.
9. My favourite subject is history.
10. I hate science, but I study the periodic table.
11. Next March will be my first residential trip… to Edale!
12. My favourite thing to do is make games.
13. I do loads of grown-up things.
14. My favourite movie is “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.
15. I only have 4 BFFs.

So… I hope you liked it! They are all true (well, not really. We are still thinking about no.11.) They might be a bit gross, but hey! They’re random! :)


Ballet-Grade 2!!*
Ya, I know, we are ALL crazy! But, I have a confession. DO NOT TELL ANYONE!!! x_x I actually set this up WITHOUT anyone knowing! SSH! :) Lolz! Sorry this one might be a bit short or long…

I have my Grade 2 ballet exam today. Me and my friend are the only people from my grade doing the exam. By the way, I don’t neccesarily go to a ballet SCHOOL, I have after-school classes. I’m in a ballet club, with about 10 other kids. There aren’t many of us. Anyhow, my teacher does work for a ballet school, so basicly I am part of a ballet school. I go to Tiptoe ballet school. But guess what, my exam is in ****** (I’m not allowed to say where it is bc it will show where I live) But, the good thing is we are taking the bus!! Woo-hoo! And, my BFF is going to be there as well! :D!! It is going to be ACE!! My parents have my permission to LOOK at my blog! Well, I’m sorry this post is short but I have LOADS of things to do…in less than 1/2 hour!! Laters! :)

*Keep on commenting!! :)

My party this Saturday! (And my secret Harry Potter trip!)

O.M.G!! I’m having a party this Saturday (just, you know… end of year?) Anyhow, I’m inviting 2 of my BFFs over. We’ll have a BLAST! (If I put my laptop away! :) )We wil also make CHOOLATE CAKE! (Drool…) Seriously, I LOVE chocolate cake! My exam was yesterday, but, you know how I’m blogging while it’s school time, well, I’m on SUMMER VACATION!! :D :D :D!! We had a half-day last Friday and we counted down the seconds until summer. (Mainly I’m glad to be out of Y4! I has the worst year ever! :( )
OMG! It was SO nice! (Ya, so what, I like putting smilies in!) This Thursday, we are going to the pool, but on the 26th August, we are going to (ready for it?)


Sorry. Just SOO excited! My classmates (who I barely ever get along with) will ENVY me for the rest of my life!! ;)

Must. Stop. Screaming.
Seriously, if i scream THIS loud, probably people n Austrailia will drop dead! I am SO excited!
Sorry. Gotta go! (*Munching on £20 note!*)
:) :) :)
Laters! ;)


My Year in Year 4-I’m INVISIBLE!!!

Oh my gosh. I will tell you the tale of me being INVISIBLE during a science lesson. I’ll tell you the bad bits, since it was BORING! Here we go… (this might be a bit long.)

It was 3:20 (ish). Me and my group were sticking photos in our science books. I had a picture without ME on it. How RUDE is that? >:D The boy sitting next to me had the ONLY photo with ME on it. The photo I had ALSO had him in it. I said to him “give it back!”
You know what he said?
A big, fat “NO”. UNBELIVEABLE! I started crying (I have never been good at socalizing, since I didn’t go to Pre-school). I started snatching the photo from him.
Now, will I ask for a show of hands?
I FINALLY managed to get it out of his hands. Now for Step 2. Telling the teacher. It turns out the teacher also hates me. He said “go stick the photo in your book”. How RUDE is that??! He didn’t even give me a chance to EXPLAIN!!! Then, he told us to tidy up. I started tidying the floor. He then told me “That’s for the cleaners. Go sit down”. That is WEIRD! Make up your mind, people. I was SO glad the day had ended! Luckily, my class teacher didn’t see me! (Phew!)

You won’t BELIVE how happy I am to get out of Y4! At least, in Year 5, I’ll have a teacher who LISTENS to me! Oh, god, I’m SO grateful for the holidays!
By the way, this wasn’t my WORST day in Year 4! I had worse… :(

Gotta go! :)
Stay tuned! :)


Random thoughts

I’m just planning ahead…for next march. We have our music competition next march. I’m thinking about doing a horrible histories song. I LOVE history. I don’t like singing, well I DO but I DON’T like being told what to sing and when to sing it. I don’t know what to do! HELP!! (*Bing!*) I’ll do a POLL! :)
Here we go! Enjoy! :)
(*Blog in new thread. Post will be copied.*)



Ok, NBC stands for National Bloggish Club. That’s right! I’m unleashing a BRAND NEW club!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGOMGOGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Below is a list of benefits you can get if you sign up!

  • Take part in AWESOME competitions! OMG!
  • Get your own bloggish mini blog! OMG!
  • Subscribe so you won’t miss A SINGLE POST! OMG!
  • Chat with other bloggish members (including me!) OMG!
  • …And many more! OMG!

To sign up, send me a private message! (And no, I DON’T have an email adress. duh) I know benefit 2 excited you the most. Ya, I’ll make a sepreate board and put your blogs in it. You need to join this forum to, like ACTUALLY sign up! You can sign up anytime, anyday!
Gotta go! :)
Laters! :)

(PS, Sorry this post was short! :))


Running for the space center

OMG! The Leicester space museum was THE BEST!! Me and my dad spent, like 4 WHOLE HOURS WITHOUT LEAVING! :) I want on this “simulator ride”. Have you ever ben on “mission to mars”? It’s in Epcot. The ride was kinda like that. I was really scared but it turned out to be REALLY COOL!!!
Then I saw my first 2 planetarium shows. The second one was basiclly a tour of the night sky but in the first one, we saw Jupiter’s moon, Uropa. Then I went in a tranquility base and OMG OMG OMG! One part was a moon walk. You lay down on this board and pushed with your feet. On a screen, there was this inage of you jumping on the moon. OMG OMG! Another part was where you had to maneuver a chair to catch these targets. I had NO CLUE how to move it, but my had pushed me around and I got 34000 points. Wow.

To be continued…


Running for the space center (part 2)

Ok, picking up from where we left off. There was a “baked bean” challenge. You would lift up all these baked bean cans. Boring! Here’s the twist: They have been weighed so when you picked it up, it would be the weight of a SINGLE BAKED BEAN from another planet. When I tried picking one up from the sun, I could BARELY MOVE it! We went upstairs and there was this water pressure challenge. You had to decide which rocket would best suit the astronamour. Then there was this HUGE shuttle that stretched all the way up the building (5 floors).

To be continued…


WordPress is calling my name…

Oh, how I want a blog SO BAD!!!!!!! >:D And when I say “blog”, I mean like a REAL blog. Not a proboards forum. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from the title, you know how I feel. I have read many blogs and I’m about to POP!! (And yes, I know internet safety rules. Seriously, do you think I’m BRAIN DEAD?!?!?!?!?!) Seriously, then I can get COOL COMMENTS! 8-) And take part in stuff such as “Not me! Monday”. I could also follow other blogs. (But NO, I WON’T be spending any money.) This is the LAST STRAW for me! I’ll list some reasons telling you why blogging is educational.

  • It develops writing skills, by expressing feelings and telling cool stories.
  • It develops social skills (which I DO NOT have). You can read other comments and think long and hard about them…
  • You can take part in cool blog hops, and follow other blogs,which you can compare to your blog.
  • Later, you can look back on old posts and remember those days.
  • And, as the author, you can delete comments that are rude, offensive or in any other ways, cyber-bullying.
  • You can keep your own online journal and use the latest tecnology.

So, I am DYING for a REAL blog that I can customize. I’m making a point and will hold up an argument.
Seriously, its like keeping a diary. What’s wrong with that?! :'( :'( :'( :( :( :(



If y’all wanna come see my “blog”, then head to http://bloggish.boards.net/
To log in:

Username: bloggerofthebloggish
Password: loomband85

(BTW, billybudapest is my mom lol)

There’s really cringey stuff there, including weird comments, so please check it out!!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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