Literally a ton of things have been crushing me lately but I cannot say what those things are because 1) its really gross if i tell and 2) ive sworn to secrecy about another thing When i try to talk about it people steer to a different topic I try to talk to my friends […]

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Random Thoughts

This is a random post (wow really) bc I’m bored and listening to really hyping music so let me release my 2018 thoughts Every time I see a bid about Logan Paul I get depressed because I want this to be over It’s my best friend’s bday in 19 days lets say happy bday in […]

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Snapchat emoji code

Ok so this is mainly for personal use (for me haha) because I have snapchat and I always find myself googling what all the emojis mean so I figured I could just make a list on here and maybe help other people with snapchat 🙂 (btw this is done on my phone so the emojis […]

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YAY heres to a good 2018 Happy new year May it be a great one ❤️ (Btw if this is early in the US its actualy around 12:30 in england so) HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLFRIENDS