Literally a ton of things have been crushing me lately but I cannot say what those things are because 1) its really gross if i tell and 2) ive sworn to secrecy about another thing

When i try to talk about it people steer to a different topic

I try to talk to my friends about it (they were involved) but they say i shouldnt

I dont want to be a victim here

I know from today that my friends literally feel useless when i crumble infront of them

I feel bad because i didnt help the main person affected but they did so much for me

I didnt know what to do

Ive never seen something like this happen

I was thinking about it since it happened

I tried to talk to the person affected but they didnt reply

I feel useless

I dont want to show this to my friends because it isnt their job to solve my problems

Other people in the friend group have bigger problems than me

I dont want to show this to my parents because they will say Im being the victim

My parents will disregard this as being hormones

My friends will feel another burden

I cant talk about it on this blog

Time for another sleepless night about something everyone else forgot about

Time for another two hours up crying because nobody replies to me/cares

Time for another anxiety attack about not being asleep by a certain time

Time for me to feel even more worthless tomorrow because none of this even matters

Time for me to feel awkward whenever I go and talk to this person knowing I owe them millions

Time for me to be a useless go-lucky person that is no help at all in a crisis

Time for me to be that one friend who is always the victim

Time for me to get criticized by my parents for being the victim


Random Thoughts

This is a random post (wow really) bc I’m bored and listening to really hyping music so let me release my 2018 thoughts

  • Every time I see a bid about Logan Paul I get depressed because I want this to be over
  • It’s my best friend’s bday in 19 days lets say happy bday in the comments lol
  • Blogging is very morbid (the longest blog post was like 274,000 characters because the person writing it died on the keyboard)
  • I’m listening to a song about gasoline
  • That song is in spanish
  • I have random fantasies about youtubers
  • I stopped playing PGO
  • 2017 was my year
  • Lava lamps are hot
  • idk
  • I want to buy some felt pens that are expensive just so i can take a tumblr pic about stationery
  • I own an ouija board it doesn’t work lol (nothing happens when I use it lololol)
  • I am tired
  • RIP my sleep schedule (I went to bed at midnight from dec. 30-jan 3 and then had to wake up at 6:30 on thursday and friday and last night I also went to bed at midnight)
  • Colouring irl stresses me out
  • I have 20 highlighters from the same brand
  • I have 30 more highlighters as well
  • I only use 1 colour highlighter
  • I have enough stationery to open a WHSmiths (a big uk stationery store)

Hope y’all enjoyed my ramblings (sos I’m so tired lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Because everyone wants to see this 😏

Ok so if you haven’t seen the first 10 weird things I did when I was little, then go look (i have 2 parts so read both ok thanks) but nothing in that is really crucial to this post, but before we start let me just talk about the Logan Paul dead body in Japan (if you dk what Im talking about just google it)

This may be biased because I am a fan of Logan, but I honestly don’t blame him for vlogging it because tbh if I was him I would have done the same thing; I would have taken pics and put them on Snapchat and Insta because its unusual and I would want to show everyone. Also, Logan did call the police and he uploaded a very long apology to both youtube and twitter. I know what it is like to be at the centre of controversy (obviously I dont have 15 million subscribers but still) and I would have done exactly what Logan did. The video itself, I don’t know if Logan deleted it or if youtube deleted it, but remember Logan is a human too and he doesn’t need the whole internet slamming him especially after he apologised. This was probably biased because I’m a surefire logangster but I do not understand why people are still slamming down on him because he apologised and the video was deleted, so do what someone would do irl and start from a clean slate.

There is a very small chance (if any lol) Logan read this but ye that’s my opinion

**DISCLAIMER this is my website so I can post my opinions here and Im asking not to bring this up if you know me irl so just keep this stuff online thank u :)**

Moving on to the actual post 😀

(For reference:

Year 3 – Age 7-8

Year 4 – Age 8-9

Year 5 – Age 9-10)

1) When I wanted my Lumia (I have a post about when I got it lol), I made a ‘phone tracker’ aka a piece of paper and whenever I got some money I would write how much I had and how far away from my Lumia I was, and I also put in the phone model, colour, price etc

2) When I first saw someone with dwarfism (idk why I am talking about this but I’m really tired but not tired enough to sleep) I thought I was dreaming

3) I would never brush my hair I would just tie it up in a low pony when my parents weren’t looking

4) I used to walk around IN PUBLIC with a 12″ tablet (before phablets were cool) and I vividly remember going to an Iceland (a frozen food store in England) writing a post called ‘Assumptions aren’t always right’

5) I used to read all the gossip magazines about death and rape when I wasn’t even 10 omg help me

6) I was very emotionally unstable (I still am but we are not going to talk about that 😂)

7) I used to walk to school with my Mom with over-the-ear headphones with an MP3 PLAYER HAHA

8) I got a pair of cheap headphones in year 3 and thought it was an MP3 player

9) In kindergarten (ages 4-7) my mom would go real close to my classroom window and wave at me (the same thing happened in year 4 too but we were on the higher floor so my dad would wave from the playground)

10) I thought flip phones were the bomb and would fight my mom over hers

So those are 10 more weird things I did when I was little

Let me know if u want more because BOI I HAVE PLENTY MORE KID STORIES


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Snapchat emoji code

Ok so this is mainly for personal use (for me haha) because I have snapchat and I always find myself googling what all the emojis mean so I figured I could just make a list on here and maybe help other people with snapchat 🙂 (btw this is done on my phone so the emojis may be weird because i have an iphone

💕 – You have been #1 best friends with this person for over 2 months

❤️ – You have been #1 best friends with this person for over 2 weeks

💛 – You are #1 best friends with this person (you send the most snaps to them and vice versa)

😊 – You are best friends with this person, but not #1 best friends

😏 – You are this person’s best friend but they are not yours

😎 – You and this person have a best friend in common

😬 – You and this person have a #1 best friend in common

Your snapstreak is running out

🔥 – You have a snapstreak with this person (there is also a number next to the fire with the amount of days)

💯 – You have a 100 day snapstreak with this person

👶 – You and this person just became friends

🎂 – It is this person’s birthday

🌟 – One of this person’s snaps has been replayed in the last 24 hours

Enjoy my friends


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂