Random poem I wrote

I was really bored at 11:00pm so I wrote this poem I might enter into a war poetry competition here you go

To surrender means to stop.

To stop the turmoil

To stop the blood

To stop the loss

To stop the force

The force ripping the world apart

To surrender means to give up

To give up on the dead

To give up on the damage

To give up on the country

To give up on the fight

The fight that burned a hole in our hearts

To surrender means to remove the dignity

The dignity of the men who died for us

The dignity of the women who died for us

The dignity of the children

The dignity of the winner

The winner who shadows the fame over our cowering bodies

To surrender means to end

End lives

End beginnings

End careers

End relationships

The relationships that brought us together in our darkest hours

We shall not surrender

We will surrender

Never surrender

Definitely surrender

Stand our ground

Back away







Humans can do it

We will never be able to

We are advanced

We are beginning

We are the epitome

We are the hole

The epitome of society

The hole of inhumanity

We will win

We will lose

This is the heart

This is the conscience

We can do this


We can fight this


We can destroy this


We are advanced

We are not

We are civil

We are not

We have power

We are meaningless

We can end

We can destroy

We can begin

We can repeat

We are strong

We were always weak

We are elegant

We are brutal

We are civil

We are brutal

We are better

We are worse

We can eliminate

We can seclude

We can add

We can overpopulate

We matter

We are worthless

We will never surrender

Oh, I think we will

Follow the heart

Listen to me

Follow the heart

Listen to me

Be inspirational




Be motivational

Listen to me

Be admirable

Listen to me

Be accepted

Listen to me






Heart speaks for us all

I control it

Heart powers us

I control it

Heart is the center of us

I control it

Ignore the instincts

I need you

I need you



I am your conscience

I control you

You rely on me

You need me

Listen to me

You depend on me

For survival



Why would you not listen

Listen to me

Follow me

I control you

I am the one

The one true power

I want to help

I want to kill

I want to help

I need to kill

I want to help

I will kill

Follow me

You will never be alone

You will always have me

And I ‘love’ you



I love you as a slave

I will use you

You do work

I control

I murder

I supply

The heart beats

I drum

The heart pumps

I lift

The heart sits

I stand

The heart powers

I control

The heart is the centre

I am the king

The heart is the main

I am the king

Listen to me

For if you ignore

You will not live


Live to see

Live to see us


Our bonding time

Your slavery for ne


This is bonding

This is bonding

This is good

I can have what I want

I want

I want you

I want your soul

I want your blood

I want you

You will provide

Or you will die

I am the heart

Follow me

For rights


Rights to live

Listen to us both

We are important

We are valued

Do not


Make this decision

Between the heart and the conscience

You will never be able to

By the time you do

It will be too late

We will surrender


Yea that was my poem I know its really corny at the start and the end but tbh I was listening to a song in spanish (its my passion look at my december 2014-15 archives lol) and I was really pumped so yea let me know if its good (ik its not but still)

Maybe this will justify my grade :))


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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