Self Harm Talk

Ok, so before we get this out of the way, yes I do self harm. Don’t judge me; my worst fear (believe it or not coming from the person with an anxiety disorder) is being judged so please don’t judge me I know of my stability issues. First of all, am I the only one […]

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I am depressed lololololol

Well isnt that great Not to mention my bday is literally in a week As in this time next week i will be 13 Isnt that great Also I had a fight with my dad He said im the most self centred Pathetic Uptight person hes ever met Not to mention I have contemplated suicide […]

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How fun is it to feel jealous of your best friends two weeks before your birthday? I know right Riveting Ok, so today 2 of my best friends got big awards (like BIG awards), and one of those two friends has 3 of said award. 2 of my other friends are like me and are […]

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I’m CoOl

I literally just wanted a random title lmao This post will be a mess but y’know it’s fine Sorry for not posting I’ve been writing like every day Here are some of my stories (I know they’re really bad but its ok) I was so immersed in my emailing, I barely even flinched when I […]

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