Caboodle of nonsense

Ok so i kinda have a lot to say, so let me just do bullet points bc that will be easy

  • I’m listening to Helena by mcr and its SO FRIKIN SAD i want to cry because the last words they sang on their last tour was ‘so long and goodnight’ FROM HELENA and its a sad tone and i just want to cry tbh
  • Im a teenager now woop and i spent my first week of teenhood crying and pleading to candy crush (im so mentally stable i know right hahahhahaha)
  • IM GETTING COUNSELLING!! My appt is the 24th so i can cuss at yet another person who doesn’t care about how i feel and is only in it for the money
  • We have to write and learn monologues in drama. And perform them IN FRONT OF THE CLASS and i literally want to cry bc i will just shake throughout the whole thing yay so im just going to improv bc i cant be bothered to learn a 3 min monologue off by heart unless its something interesting. If i throw a couple of big words in maybe it will turn out well
  • PRAY FOR THE WICKED IS COMING OUT IN JUNE ASDFGHJKL I CANNOT AAHHHH if u dont know what that is then please leave byeye
  • Ok so i have a story about my grandma (who i have a VERY STRONG unjustified hate for) so basically my mom, her and me went to a cafe for lunch and my mental health ditched me that day (not to mention i was on my period so ye) and i was just a mess. I was getting really nad at like everything and my mom yelled at me and ye. When we got there, i was rly quiet and was pretty much about to cry. My mom kept asking what was wrong (like u dont know already) and i showed her a sad thing i was looking at. She disregardedly tossed my phone back at me in a huff. I started to listen to patd or mcr or top (i forgot which it was probs mcr) and she took me into a random exit thing in the cafe (like an unused room) and i proceeded to have an anxiety attack to which i got a ‘calm down’ BUT NO THATS NOT F*CKING EASY but whenever i compare anxiety to like ANYTHING my opinion is disregarded bc they arent the same things. Reason 1022918 my mental health is a mess. THEN MY GRANDMA KEPT ASKING WHAT HAPPENED OMFG I WANT TO SLAP HER AAAAHHGGH LIKE ITS NOT YOUR F*CKING BUISINESS GO AWAY (i actually screamed that in her face when i had a different anxiety attack and damn it felt good)

Anyways gtg its like midnight and i cant sleep and schl is like in 2 dayss


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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