13th Birthday Haul 2018!

I turned 13 on April 4, woop! I know it’s been forever but tbh I haven’t had the time/effort to do this and also I have my grade 4 flute on Tuesday help I wanna die because if I don’t do my exam now then I have to learn a whole new syllabus (it expires on the 31st), and be like 2 years behind. Yay!

Now, let’s get into the haul (there’s a lot of stuff so yea and also I missed out small stuff like buttons bc they’re just buttons)

I’m going to seperate them into categories because there’s a lot so yea!

Body/hand care


From one of my friends I got some aromatherapy roller balls (they’re actually quite good (mainly the energy one) but I smelt the beautiful dreams one and had a nightmare lol)

hype set.PNG

From another friend i got a hype body set (idk if its in other parts of the world but in the UK its like a fancy teen brand (kinda like BBW in the USA))

hand creams.PNG

From my grandma I got 8 different BBW hand cream scents (I have doubles of these but theres no point showing them) (scents (L-R): Vanilla, be amazing, overnight moisture, fragrance free, pretty as a peach, vanilla buttercream, hello beautiful & at the beach)

I also got body mists but i just got doubles and im lazy soo ye

shower gels.PNG

From my grandma I got 3 BBW shower gels (and yes this pic was taken on my toilet lol) (scents: A thousand wishes, moonlight path & warm vanilla sugar)


From my parents: 3 EOS lipbalms (scents: pomegranate, wild berry & strawberry)

body lotion.PNG

From my grandma I got 4 BBW body lotions (they match with the body creams so im not going to put the scents on)

body creams.PNG

From my grandma I got 4 BBW body creams (scents: moonlight path, a thousand wishes, warm vanilla sugar & pretty as a peach)

baby lips from alice.PNG

From another friend I got the maybelline baby lips (shade cherry me)


stuff from ralph.PNG

So my uncle took me on a shopping spree (i got £130!!!) because he’s veryy um, awkward. You will know if you have read my ‘mouse’ posts or have seen him irl lmao (it was before my bday because he left on the 3rd (he lives abroad) but its a bday present)


Charlie body mists (fun, powerful, fearless, independent & sexy)
NYX powder puff lippie (shade 7)
Essence clear brow gel
Too faced better than sex mascara (it actually is rly good tho)
Too faced chocolate bonbons palette (it smells so good yum)
Urban Decay naked 2

netsys present.PNG

From my best friend (the one from the matlock bath post) I got the smashbox liquid lipstick (shade BAWSE bc i told her forever that i wanted it lol)

(I dont have a pic bc i used it up but from another friend i got a £15 gift card from boots and a lipliner (from a different friend))

makeup from town.PNG

On my birthday my mom took me shopping because i wanted stuff lmao (also i got some cake from a RICULOUSLY expensive cake shop (its good tho) for freeeee)


Real techniques bold metals brushes 300 & 201
MAC lipstick (shade please me)
Rimmel natural bronzer (shade 022)
Maybelline master precise eyeliner
L’oreal life’s a peach blush
MAC 3d black lash mascara (for free bc it was my bday)
NYX eyeshadow (money maker) it was £1 lol
NYX ultimate brights eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay naked 2 basics
Rimmel match perfection concealer (shade 10)
NYX create your own eyeshadow palette

makeup from parents.PNG

From my parents I got more makeup 😀


Maybelline superstay foundation (shade 03)
Rimmel match perfection powder
Urban Decay naked skin concealer (shade fair neutral)
Revolution concealer (shade C1)


I got makeup brushes (the one on the far left is from a friend and the rest are from my parents)


Real techniques foundation brush
RT blend and blur foundation
RT instapop accent brush, pointed foundation brush, lip brush, instapop eye brush, instapop cheek brush (in the instapop set)


yellow shirt

From my grandma I got a yellow primark sweater (its so cute tbh)

pink hoodie.PNG

From my parents I got a pink primark hoodie

green hoodie.PNG

From my parents I got a mint green hoodie (its actually rly light green it looks blue on the camera)

patd shirt.PNG

Also from my parents I got a P!ATD shirt (i got an mcr one too but its in the wash) AND IM SEEING BEEBO IN AUGUST OMGOSSHHHH



I got a ton of cds (they’re all from different people so i’ll put who they’re from individually)

MCR black parade (from parents)
P!ATD death of a bachelor (from my grandma)
TOP blurryface (from my grandma)
TOP vessel (from my grandma)
P!ATD twtltrtd (from my parents)
P!ATD fever (from my grandma)
MCR three cheers for sweet revenge (from my parents)
P!ATD pretty odd (from my parents)


I got a yamaha flute (it was almost £1000!) its the YFL 372 if you’re wondering (i actually did my grade 4 flute today comment if u want to see it bc it went rly bad 🙂 )

cd player.PNG

This is rly stupid but when i got my cds i didn’t have a good cd player (the ones we have are family ones and they’re not that good so i wanted my own) its by BUSH (from my mom btw)



I got a yankee candle for my birthday (from my mom) (scent sweet nothings)


And I got keys! Because I walk to/from school by myself my parents thought it would be a good idea to have these just in case (but my dad gets angry if i dont use them lol) from my dad


I missed out little things but this post would be rly long otherwise, and I just want to say

Image result for thank you

To everyone that got me presents or said happy birthday (even the store clerks)

My hands rly hurt it took like 45 mins to take all the pics and do captions (and my computer is rly slow lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂