Exam Results 2018 + Group Chat fights

Ok so I’ll get to the results at the end of this post because there’s been stuff that I kinda need to get off of my chest because nobody knows except the people involved and I’m dying so yea 😀

Basically, I don’t really trust group chats (see my march/april 2016 archive about why), and until very recently, I’ve only had them with my closest friends. A few of us are very mentally unstable (me included hehe) but normally we’re very nice to each other.

So basically we ship a bunch of people on this group chat and one girl wrote a really long paragraph about how we should stop. (Keep in mind, I spend a lot of time making logos and descriptions for this group chat and a new one was created and nobody texts on the one I made and spent time on) I got really mad, mainly because of the new group chat and the fact that we couldn’t really ship anymore. I started tossing in middle finger emojis and smiley faces because at that point I was on a bunch of pills, very depressed, on my period (which means mood swings), and also very sleep-deprived so my mind was completely out of whack. I mentioned several times that I was in a very bad place and having a mental breakdown. Normally, if someone has a mental breakdown, we write really long essay posts about how much we love and care about them. This time, I got told to stop being a child and to go to my parents. (Also keep in mind I barely ever have breakdowns like this) I couldn’t really go to my parents because my mom wasn’t home or answering her phone and my dad doesn’t really care and gets mad when I get depressed. I said I couldn’t, only to get a ‘sorry but we can’t really do anything’ response. Bear in mind that we are very very very close friends and I haven’t really had a friendship group like this. Even though nobody was really there I started crying and after I had a shower, came back to people leaving the chat and refusing to talk to me. One girl who said I should stop being childish posted on her status (it was on WhatsApp) ‘I’ve had enough of social media’ which kinda infuriated me. I basically was looking at sad quotes until like 11pm (aka 3 hours) and crying my eyes out. I also grabbed my scissors and self-harmed 😀 I haven’t told anyone, not even my friends that weren’t yelling at me but helping me. I haven’t told my parents either or school because I get told that I’m being ‘silly’, so I normally talk to my friends. At school, the two girls who were yelling at me to stop being childish weren’t talking to me, one girl who is abusive (I call her that lol) was really mad at me, so I kinda just wanted to go home and cry my eyes out but my dad was at home and would intuitively ask what’s wrong. As of now it hasn’t been resolved but my anxiety is convincing me that they hate me and my friendships are cut off which terrifies me. So yea, really happy stuff 😀

Anyway, exam results!! 😀

I’ve been wanting to write these ever since exam week (last week) but we had to wait a week for results because we review the papers in lessons. I’m also going to be doing a percentage difference from last year and averages from this and last year.

Spanish – 87% (No difference as I only started it this year)
Spanish Oral – 88% (No difference as I only started it this year)
Math (Non Calculator) – 88% (-3%)
Math (Calculator) – 84% (-2%)
French – 90% (+0%)
French Oral95% (+12%)
English (Creative Writing) – 93% (-2%)
English (Comprehension) – 75% (-20%)
Geography – 67% (-9%)
History – 66% (-13%)
Religious Studies – 92% (+11%)
Music – 85% (+0%)
Biology – 75% (+6%)
Physics – 78% (+0%)
Chemistry – 83% (+5%)

Average (Year 7) – 84%
Average (Year 8) – 83% (-1%)

This is actually quite eye-opening because I thought my grades were really bad and worse than last years but the average has only gone down 1% lol. (And the average in Year 7 was 83.5 but I rounded it up)

Anyways thanks for listening to my ramblings and exam results 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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