Ma Gradez 2.0

Ok, so if you have seen Ma Gradez, you know that I literally don’t care if people know my grades so here are my grades from this term/year 😀 (It’s an end of year report)

So the way my school grades, there are 2 parts to each grade: effort and attainment

Effort is measured like this:

1 – Very good
2 – Good
3 – Sound
4 – Needs improvement
5 – (IDK but apparently there’s a 5 even though it’s not listed on report – but I think you can guess what this would be)

Attainment is measured like this:

O – Oustanding
V – Very good
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
D – Showing difficulty
N – Not satisfactory

I explained this in my previous post but I’d just save you the effort and explain it here too. On the end of year reports, there’s long comments and big effort breakdowns but I’m just giving the overall grades because it has my name and personal stuff in the comments and also effort so yea 🙂

Art – 2G
Biology – 1G
Chemistry – 1V
English – 1O
Food Tech – 1G
French – 1V
Geography – 1G (I completely botched my end of year exam so I was proud of this)
History – 1V (I never actually got a V in history because I found it boring but the teacher loves me even though I got 66% and she doesn’t give V or G grades that often)
ICT – 1O
Math – 1G
Music – 1V
PE – 2G (I’ve accepted defeat already so I don’t exactly care about this grade tbh)
Physics – 1G
Religious Studies – 1O (Surprising considering I’m a Satanist which isn’t exactly praised in my Christian school)
Spanish – 1V

I’m actually quite proud of my grades this time because I never got 3 Os before (I’ve only had 1 at a time) so I treated myself to some eyeshadows from one of my favourite cheap makeup brands (the set wasn’t exactly cheap considering it was only 10 shades but idc)

Now if we compare last grades (these weren’t actually the most recent set (excluding this set) but I forgot my most recent set soooo) (I’m also not doing an improvement thing like I did with my exam results but anyways)

Art – 1G
Biology – 1G
Chemistry – 2G
Design Tech – 1G
English – 1O (idk how i did that, I hate english to my teeth, but I guess I’m doing something right)
French – 1V
Geography – 1G
History – 1G (surprising because my teacher said I’m the reason history teachers come to work, but she isn’t a lenient lady)
Math – 1G
Music – 1V
P.E. – 1G (achievement because I SUCK and barely try in P.E.)
Physics – 2G
Religious Education – 1V
Spanish – 1V

(We didn’t have an ICT grade because my teacher was away for a long time on family matters)

We also got the median exam mark in each subject on my report, so I decided to be fancy and make a bar chart comparing my mark to the median 😀

Exam results 2018 vs Class Median

(You probably can read it but my mark is in green and the median is in purple)

Anyway, that took a very long time to write and I need to go to bed


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

1 thought on “Ma Gradez 2.0”

  1. Fantastic results! Above the median in all but two subjects, three “O”‘s and all 1’s or 2’s. You have every right to be proud of this. The hard work does pay off in the end. I think you’re learning to enjoy the rigors of academic pursuits; please continue to do so!

    Thumbs up, applause and huzzahs all around!


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