Bloggerofthebloggish Beauty Routine (UPDATED)

Ok, so it’s been well over a year since I have done my last beauty routine, and a lot (if not all) my products/techniques have changed, so I think I would show you what I do most days for my makeup 🙂

DISCLAMER: I consider makeup a hobby, and do not feel the need to wear makeup to look decent; I just love putting it on for fun and genuinely consider it a passion, so before you leave a comment saying I am shallow, read this again until you are convinced. 🙂


Product: NYX Pore filler (Universal Shade)
From: Boots
Price: £12.50 (From the Ready, Prep, Go set)


This is the best primer I have ever tried; I used the Maybelline Baby Skin primer before but that feels slightly greasy compared to this. It’s also quite cheap (£11 for the full size) and it gets rid of any excess moisture/oils on your face.


Product: MAC Studio Fix Fluid (Shade N4)
From: MAC
Price: £23.50



This is such a good foundation, even though when I bought it, I hated it because of the smell and it looked really cakey, however this stuff stays on forever and erases any imperfections but makes it look natural and lightweight.


Product: Collection Lasting Perfection (Shade 0)
From: Boots
Price: £4.19


Everyone is obsessed with this concealer, and I can see why. It conceals amazingly, not just as an undereye concealer, but this is amazing for half-cut creases and I use this concealer all the time to cut the eyelid. And it’s also £4 a tube!


Product: Natural Collection Brow Kit (Shade universal)
From: Boots
Price: £1.99


I normally use the pomade and I literally need 2 strokes of it through each brow (I don’t do the whole hair stroke and Instagram brows thing) and my brows already look like my hair colour (my brows are very sparse and light so they look grey).

Setting Powder

Product: NYX HD Finishing Powder (Shade Universal)
From: Boots
Price: £12.50 (From the Ready, Prep, Go set)


This powder makes a really smooth and set undereye (I don’t set my entire face with it because my brush is way too small to set my whole face and the one that’s big enough to set my face easily doesn’t fit in the pan), but I haven’t checked for flashback (the loose version has flashback), but coming from a girl who literally never takes selfies I couldn’t really care less.


Product: Rimmel Natural Bronzer (Shade 022)
From: Boots
Price: £5.99


Ok, so I have tried the infamous Benefit HOOLA bronzer, but this is miles better than Hoola. First of all, Hoola is very dark (I know they have a light version but it isn’t available in the mini size and I’m not ready to drop £24.50 on a powder that I don’t even know works), and it has a very gritty formula which makes my cheeks look like mud. Every time I’ve bought stuff from Benefit, I have been disappointed as they do not live up to the hype. This one is half the size of the mini and is blendable, comes in lots of variants and shades and is just better in general.


Product: L’Oreal Life’s a peach blush (Shade Peach Addict)
From: Boots
Price: £8.99


I got this when I went birthday shopping because one of my favourite beauty instagrammers recommended this, and I was not at all disappointed. I have a MAC blush (one of their shades is comparable to this blush) and have been reaching for this one a lot more because it smells like peaches and is a really nice colour which I always wear because it goes with pretty much any look.


Product: ELF Baked Highlighter (Shade Moonlight Pearls)
From: Superdrug
Price: £5


When I bought this highlight (used by the same instagrammer I talked about before), I was slightly disappointed because it did not show up as expected when swatched, and when I used my regular packer highlight brush, it didn’t show up as blinding as expected. However, when I used my fan brush, it showed up very nicely and wasn’t too blinding, even though it was quite obvious. I’m not one for punchy highlighters, so this added just the right degree of glow. (And it also is a dupe for the MAC soft and gentle skinfinish, which I have and is about £20 more expensive than this)

Eyeshadow Base

Product: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Eyeshadow Base (Shade Universal)
From: Boots
Price: £12.50 (From the Ready, Prep, Go set)


I don’t really use eyeshadow primer that often, but when I bought the Ready, Prep, Go set, I used this primer and was impressed by how nice it felt and how well my shadow stayed on. I’m running out so I’ll have to buy a full size soon 🙂


Product: Urban Decay Naked Palette (Original)
From: Debenhams
Price: £39.50


I’ve wanted this palette since I got my naked 3 last year, and begged my parents for it, so when I got it for Christmas I was ecstatic. I usually take Naked and Buck into the crease and either put a glitter on the lid (like in this post) or Half Baked/Sidecar. This is such a versatile palette and I reach for it all the time for my everyday brown/gold look.


Product: NYX Glitter Primer (Shade Universal)
From: Boots
Price: £8

IMG_9412-10-07-18-09-47 (1).JPG

Product used: Al0haglitz Global Glitz Glitter (Shade Rome)
From: Al0haglitz
Price: £2.50 (& £2 shipping)


Before we talk about the glitter, I just wanted to talk about this brand. It’s a small makeup brand from Wales, where the site and products are all made/managed by one person. I love supporting small brands as it feels more rewarding when they notice each of their customers, rather than a big brand which only sees the numbers. When the brand had their big restock in June, this set (Global Glitz) was the first one to sell out, and I managed to get the whole set just in time 😀 This glitter is also stunning and there is such a good variety of shimmers and glitters on the website:

It only ships to the UK though.

Setting Spray

Product: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray (No shade)
From: Boots
Price: £12.50 (from the Ready, Prep, Go set)


This sets all my makeup in place really nicely; it’s not too matte that it dries out my face (I have really dry skin), but it does look nicely matte. I used this before but then ran out and I’m also running out of this so I will need to buy the full size soon.


Product: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Shade Black)
From: Debenhams
Price: £19.50


This is my favourite mascara because it makes my already long lashes look even more voluminous, but it makes me slightly sad/scared to use it because I can sense it running out but I don’t think I’ll be able to buy another tube until Christmas because of the price

Eyebrow Gel

Product: NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel (Shade Universal)
From: Boots
Price: £12.50 (from the Ready, Prep, Go set)



Product: MAC Mini Lipstick (Shade Whirl)
From: MAC
Price: £10


This shade (a brown/dark rose colour) ties off my look perfectly as it is a darker lip and brown like my eyelids. The matte formula is slightly rough and drying but I usually put some Vaseline or lipgloss over it (not included in this look) and it feels much more comfortable.

And now, the finished look 😀

First, we have April 2017 me (aka the really bad at makeup me)


And now, July 2018 me! (If I look tired it’s because I took this picture at like 11pm and was literally in bed 10 minutes before but I really wanted to take this picture).


Let me know which makeup look/version is better 😀

Also you guys better have liked this post because it took about 3 hours because I had to take the pictures, then connect my phone to my laptop, then wait for the pics to load, then try again, then email them to myself, then download each image, put it in the post and do captions. I did it for about an hour last night, an hour today and an hour just now.

Also let me know if you want an updated beauty routine for December/January.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂



1 thought on “Bloggerofthebloggish Beauty Routine (UPDATED)”

  1. While I’m not a big fan of makeup (not being a female type), I’m impressed not only with the work you did in creating this post, but how mature your assessments were in regards to each product. It’s not just “Ooh, I like this one!”; you discuss the pros and cons, mention the price, and show your support for smaller brands. So reading between the lines, it’s a great post. If you enjoy doing reviews like this, then you should continue whenever you feel like it. Another thumbs up!

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