Matlock Bath (Part 4)

I went to Matlock Bath today again! 😀 I went with the same fren as my last matlock bath post. We basically spent the whole day in Matlock and went back to my house, only to have her dad running ridiculously late so she had dinner with us (and got disturbed by futurama) and we played the 7-second challenge out of boredom.

I have a lot of pictures so get ready.


Our train was late and I just got the new iPhone 7+ with portrait mode so we were being inspirational and using it (my friend loves portrait mode but her phone doesn’t have it). Btw, you probably already know this, but I’m the one with glasses looking like a derp and my friend is the one who actually looks pretty.


Here are some pics from the train and tbh I actually like my picture for once. Btw that’s not a real fitbit it’s just a £30 knockoff that does the same thing lol.


There were 2 playgrounds and one was like a more active one with a lot of slides and obstacles (my favourite one and I climbed up this climbing wall twice and got scared of the sliding pole), and the other one (this one) was more of an obstacle course (like a trail you had to follow with ropes and rope ladders). There was also a kids area with some ‘buses’ and a little kiddy playground that we couldn’t fit on. I was talking to my mom and my friend was like ‘SAM GIVE ME THE PHONE’ and I gave her the phone and she started bolting to the buses. I reluctantly followed and she was like ‘TAKE MY PICTURE’ so we took some semi-nerdy pics. There was also this little girl who was next to us and was slightly scared of us as she kept looking at us up and down and glancing at her mom lol.


There’s this place called ‘Grand Caverns’ and we took a tour around the caverns. The first 2 pictures are where people mined and where the caverns were eroded in the ice age, the next 4 are the areas where tourists were dumped in the pitch black with only a 10-minute candle lighting them. There were also light shows but they were just chandeliers. The last 2 are main mining areas as well but they commemorate the miners that worked there.


After the cavern tour there’s a hill called ‘Tinker’s shaft’ and basically it’s a huge cliff that looks over Matlock and the surrounding areas. There’s also a mountain nearby called ‘High tor’. These pics are basically us trying to be cool lol.


Then we went and looked at the history of the whole area and how the cable cars were made etc. Last year (bottom picture), we tried to get a picture of us as Victorian-esque people but it kinda failed. This year (top) was no better and tbh they are both pretty accurate recreations of each other lol.


This year we actually managed to get pictures of us and the views 😀 (look at matlock bath pt 5000 to see what I’m talking about). Hopefully y’all can spot the mountain in the 3rd picture.


I tried to get my friend in with the views but she’s v short and it kinda didn’t turn out how I expected lol


This is us in front of a 1984 cable car (we took this right before we left)



Lol we tried to recreate last years picture (bottom) but we didn’t have the picture on us. Nevertheless we took our (now traditional) point at the cable car picture 🙂


Enjoy this random selfie of us taken at a bus stop 🙂

Before I end this post let me just say that my friend gave me permission to use her face so don’t come at me in the comments because I have the receipts 🙂

I think this might become a yearly tradition for us now lol.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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