I’m so done

Yes. Another group chat fight 😀 With the same people I consider friends. Lol I love life.

So, I’m basically going to write out this conversation (I won’t be using their names) and let you guys be the judge. Let me give y’all the fake names (or letters in this case) so they don’t get all butthurt on me 🙂 Btw, these are initials for nicknames and most of them don’t share the same initial as with their first names.

There are 7 people in this chat:
K (The friend who basically caused this)
D (The girl from the matlock bath post)
W (One of the girls from a previous text fight)
Sl (An actual nice person)
I (Another nice person)
Sc (Who wasn’t in this text but she played a main part)

I’ll put in context after but this is basically the conversation.

D: Guys. I’m not going to be online tomorrow so someone check up on (K)
Me: K made me make this new gc btw
I: Seriously will people stop leaving chats for dumb reasons it makes no sense
Sl: This needs to be in the description (replying to I)
K: I left with reason, im not just telling it the people who caused this reason. So stop holding people hostage, that’s what it feels like when I leave and [me] is constantly adding you back without asking ‘do you wanna be put back on?’ And then when everyone is asking ‘r u ok?’ when they are the reason
Me: If you don’t like us you can leave the group. But the reason I’m adding people back is because I’m asked to
K: Well ask the person first. I’ll come back when I’m ready.
[K leaves]
Sl: Forget her if she doesn’t want to be put back on.
D: Ffs guys
Me: ? Don’t tell me you’re going to be a child and flip out [@D]
W: [@me] It does get annoying when you keep using the word ‘yeet’ and people have asked you to stop. I’m not saying that you can’t ever use it, but it gets irritating when you keep using it
Me: ‘Mkay Should we all take a hiatus?
W: If you want
Me: Should I just remake the chat in like 5 days or something?
W: We made enough new chats tho
Me: Only because people keep leaving (see my other gc fights to see what I’m talking about)
W: I give up

Basically me and Sc kept saying ‘yeet’ loads of times last night and K decided to leave.  I got pissed and basically texted her angry things but I deleted them before she read them. I feel like I’m playing the victim card but I feel like D (who is my ultimate best friend) and W are kinda against me and I just want to yell at something or someone tbh. They’ll probably make some dumb excuse as to why I can’t post this conversation on here and I’ll probably end up breaking again and self harming 😀

I’m just so done and I want everything to be resolved.

Any advice?


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