I have another mental disorder :D

Ok, so this one isn’t technically as much as a mental disorder as things like depression, OCD etc but it’s becoming more recognised as a mental disorder so why not write about it?

So, if you’ve been a long-time follower (or just stalked my archives) or have seen my daydreaming post then you know I love daydreaming. I have loads of OCs and scenarios that I just switch to. My main OC (called Chelsea) is a ‘better’ version of me – she is really sporty, really smart, very tough etc. She also has really severe depression (due to her past) but we will just leave that now lol. I imagine Chelsea as my ‘alternate persona’ – she doesn’t take crap from anyone and is pretty much fearless. I sometimes use her behaviours in real life because I’m literally such a pushover/doormat. I’ve had this ‘alternate persona’ for years – even before I created Chelsea, I had loads of alternate personas that all had the same set of behaviours and I thought this was normal, since all my friends have OCs and I know a lot of people that have vivid daydreams. The thing with me, though, is that I always sense that things in my behaviour are off, but nobody actually cares enough to listen and assumes that it’s just normal. So I start to think that. So when I say to myself ‘hey, I don’t think I’m right’ – I feel like I’m going to be labelled as an attention seeker because I’ve always been told I was normal. Tonight I was on pinterest and saw this post:


I was literally SHOOKETH because I had this for years, since I was like 5. So it definitely wasn’t brought on by hormones. I googled maladaptive daydreaming and found this:


I read the paragraph and I’ve never related to something so much in my life. I’m not trying to be funny I’m actually serious. I have made myself cry as one of my OCs, I have thousands of unfinished stories in my head, I’m always lost in my daydreams. I thought it was normal, since I’ve done it for so long. I can daydream for hours at a time with no problem. When I’m on my own, I pretend to pose/act like my characters would. I literally had no idea that this wasn’t normal. I also take my day’s events and turn them into daydreams for my OCs but also change them a bit. For example, I started school yesterday, so I imagined one of my OCs starting 9th grade (Year 10) after being off for over a year due to work (this OC is a dancer btw). I literally thought this was normal. Because I would tell people that I don’t think it is normal, then get told that it is normal, then not find out that it isn’t normal until years later, normally coincidentally on tumblr or pinterest. In the article that the paragraph above is from, it says that people with MD (maladaptive daydreaming) spend around 4 hours a day daydreaming. That’s pretty accurate for me; on weekends I spend around 4-5 hours a day daydreaming (I think), and school days, around 3-4 hours. (This is when I actually have proper daydreaming time with music, not counting the times I daydream in bed or when I just wake up.) I also read on the same article that people with MD are ‘drawn’ to daydreaming in a compulsive way. I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER UNDERSTOOD SOMETHING MORE. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I have this weird urge to go daydream outside and that means I kinda rush so I can go daydream. I literally never thought this was normal.

I also read that it can affect my day-to-day life, which is probably true and literally all the sources I’m reading says that I need to ‘control’ my daydreams but I get really sad because I created so many fictional utopias and I don’t want them to go away in an instant. I don’t want to abandon so much that I’ve created, and even though they’re only in my head, they seem real and kind of like a coping mechanism. When I’m upset or anxious, I just drift to my fictional universes and I don’t want all that to go away in an instant. So I’m not really sure I want help for my disorder because it literally depresses me to the point of tears when the thought of abandoning my characters comes up.

I definitely have this, and I think I have the extreme version because it says that in the most extreme cases, people can daydream for 4+ hours a day, which is pretty accurate for me. I also read stuff from people with MD and they said some daydreams involve their own lives and some involve random people. I’ve had daydreams about how outings with friends or get-togethers will pan out, but sometimes I shift to my different utopia, although in my fictional utopia, I sometimes insert other real-life people in there. Apparently there’s also a strong link between MD and OCD and we all know how I did on that quiz…

One of the strongest symptoms of MD is repetitive and unconscious movements while daydreaming, and I normally sit outside on my swing when I daydream, and I subconsciously push myself with my right foot without even feeling it. I have to push myself every single time though otherwise it just feels weird.

MD is also associated with ADHD, anxiety, depression and OCD so get ready as I embark on this mental health rollercoaster 😀 (Actually I already know I have anxiety and I probably have depression and OCD but I don’t actually know and I definitely don’t have ADHD because I can be still/quiet for a long time). Also, 28% of MD people have attempted suicide. I haven’t attempted suicide but I’ve definitely considered it at least over 20 times and I’ve self harmed a few times.

Anyway, that was my discovery of my new mental disorder 🙂 Stay tuned to see if I have anything else *gulp*


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The first day of school post that everyone wants to see

Ok, so I just started Year 9 (8th grade) and let me give you the classic, first-day of school post that everyone’s been waiting for. My last first days of school haven’t been good, so expect this to be slightly more positive than before 🙂

For the first time in literally forever, I finally have a group of friends in my class. I have a group of friends, but they’re either in the other form or a year ahead so I’m kinda alone. The girl who I did the ouija board with only joined my school in May and we formed a group with another girl already in the friend group. We claimed a 3-seat desk in the form room, not thinking we would have to change seats (we got to choose our seats last year), but the form tutor decided that there had to be a seating plan, even though we only spend like 20 minutes in the form room each day. I’m sat near one of my friends in my group and the other people around me are really nice, so I’m not that mad.

I was freaking out last night, like I woke up at 3AM and 5AM, both absolutely terrified, but whenever I freak out/stress about something it actually turns out well so I guess this was kinda the same thing 😉

Our first ‘lesson’ was a double form period, where we have around an hour in form at the start of each year to get timetables, locker keys, planners etc and I DIDN’T GET A BOTTOM LOCKER 😀 I had one for 2 years and it was literal hell, but this time I got upgraded to a middle locker and I’m on the end so I get space, which was different from last year where I was stuck in the middle of everyone. I also share the locker area with Year 8s so I can just assert my dominance *insert T-pose here* and it’s all good. My timetable isn’t the best, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as my year 7 timetable (it literally sucked) and I was really worried about getting spaces in the changing rooms for PE but the changing rooms have been upgraded so there is actual space.

I got top set in both English and Math (yay) and I was really scared I wasn’t going to be in top set for Math because my report grades weren’t amazing, but I did get a higher score than most people on my end of year exams last year so I think it adds up.

Our first lesson was DT (design tech/wood shop) and our teacher wasn’t even in school so we had to wait forever for the cover teacher to show up. Our lessons are only just over an hour long so we wasted time but I’m not really good at DT so I don’t really care haha. I got to sit next to my friend from my group and I actually made a pretty good mindmap.

After DT, we had break but my friends and I didn’t go because it was so crowded and we didn’t even like what they had for break anyway, so we went to sort out our lockers, and when I tried closing my locker it wouldn’t shut. My friends tried and they couldn’t shut it, so me and one of my friends went to get a new key while the others guarded my locker (I’m not leaving my locker open with an iPhone 7+ in there). I managed to get a new key that actually worked so yay.

Then we had ICT, where we are working on a program I literally used like 4 years ago and the whole lesson was my teacher talking even though he said he wants us to explore the software ourselves. Even though I love ICT, I’m kinda scared for this year because we have a different teacher and my other one literally doted on me so I hope this one does too 🙂

After ICT and lunch (where we literally didn’t do anything interesting), we had RS (religious studies) where we were talking about opinions, debates and judgement and had some grade-A debates about whether we should eat meat. We normally had 2 singles but now we have a double which is sad because I don’t really like RS and I like to have singles because they’re shorter.

After RS, I literally went home and that was it.

I actually loved my first day at school, which I normally don’t (read this post and this post to understand) so this was a step-up. I’m actually excited for tomorrow but we have the same teacher for 2 periods (aka 2hrs 20 mins) and she’s really strict so oof.


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OCD test

Ok so I’m watching a ‘day in the life of someone with OCD’ where basically they walk to school and they have a little inner voice narrating the video and I related to a lot of the things the guy was doing, so I decided to write out the symptoms and see if I do/have these things. Also I start school tomorrow rip.

• Fear of being contaminated by germs or dirt or contaminating others

I’m not a germophobe but when I get home I always feel ‘dirty’ and don’t feel comfortable unless I’ve washed my hands

• Fear of losing control and harming yourself or others

Literally me at a train station; I’m terrified of jumping onto the track, and I get terrified if myself or anyone else is close to the track

• Intrusive sexually explicit or violent thoughts and images

I have a group chat with some friends where we talk about sex all the time oof

• Excessive focus on religious or moral ideas

Idk about this one but I have been thrown into a lot of religious arguements from my dad

• Fear of losing or not having things you might need

Me every day before walking to school

• Order and symmetry: the idea that everything must line up “just right”

If anyone looks at my room they will see that it’s organised but I also get stressed if everything is too precise

• Superstitions; excessive attention to something considered lucky or unlucky

I don’t really believe in supersitions

Common compulsive behaviors in OCD include:

• Excessive double-checking of things, such as locks, appliances, and switches

Idk if I do this, but sometimes I do

• Repeatedly checking in on loved ones to make sure they’re safe

Lol not me at all I never check up on people oops

• Counting, tapping, repeating certain words, or doing other senseless things to reduce anxiety

I DO THIS SO MUCHH I find patterns in literally everything in my garden, and I do things like this to reduce anxiety (but it’s patterns rather than counting)

• Spending a lot of time washing or cleaning

That is me so much

• Ordering or arranging things “just so”

I have different orders/combos but I do like to order/arrange things

• Praying excessively or engaging in rituals triggered by religious fear

I’m not religious

• Accumulating “junk” such as old newspapers or empty food containers

I do this a lot, but only if the container is unusual to what I normally see

So idk if I have OCD (I probably don’t) but I do relate to quite a lot of symptoms, but that’s probably because I have anxiety tho. If I do have OCD, it’s going to be a mild form

I also did a test and this is what I got so idk let me know because I have no idea lmao

Rip me tomorrow in school 😭


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School thoughts

Ok, so I really wanted to write this because I feel really nauseous and stressed and it’s like 11pm and I’m trying to keep my sleep schedule good for school so I just need to get some things off of my chest and talk about school because honestly I want to talk about school.

I found 20 questions from: https://printdiscuss.com/school-conversation-questions/ because I can’t think of questions and I want to answer some questions 😉

If you’re wondering, I’m starting Year 9 (8th grade) and it starts on Thursday (30th) because we break off for summer really early (in England anyway).

  1. When did you start school? Do you remember your first day?
    I started school when I was 4 but I started the school I go to now when I was 7. I remember my first day of my current school but not of my first school. All I remember is a picture of me in front of my school and I had a horrible fake smile lol.
  2. How far did you have to travel from home to school? How did you get to school?
    I’m a lucky person because I only live a 15 minute walk to school (10 minutes if I walk fast or I go the shorter route) so I walk because I hate taking the local bus and my parents don’t own a car. (We live really close to literally everything so it’s not that big of an issue)
  3. Did you enjoy school life? What did you like and dislike about it?
    Generally, I enjoy it because I actually like lessons and it helps a lot when I get into a lesson because it distracts me from my anxiety but I don’t like anything that involves talking in front of a lot of people or anything to do with sports.
  4. Who was your favorite teacher? What do you remember about him or her?
    My favourite teacher in primary school (elementary school) was my year 6 (5th grade) teacher because she doted on me and I just loved her. My favourite middle/secondary school teacher would probably be my history teacher because I’m also doted on by her and she’s just a nice unusual person.
  5. What was your favorite subject at school? Why?
    My favourite subject was always computing because I just had a natural passion for it. I also really like Math but nobody else does so that’s kinda sad. I also like Spanish because my mom knows Spanish so I get a leg-up on everyone else 😉
  6. Did you have to wear a uniform to school? If so, what did yours look like?
    YES. I have to wear a uniform (almost all English schools require uniform), and mine is basically a dark blue blazer and a dark green plaid skirt. I actually quite like the uniform even though it’s really posh (I go to a private school so obviously it would be posh).
  7. What are the pros and cons of uniforms for school kids?
    Pros – you don’t have to choose an outfit, you don’t get judged. Cons – it can be really boring and if you don’t like your uniform that’s tough luck.
  8. How many children were there in your class? What is the best number of students for a class?
    In my class for next year there is 23 people which isn’t too bad but when I was younger there was like 15 people.
  9. Did you go to any academies or receive any tutoring outside of your main school?
    I took music lessons in school but with private teachers to learn an instrument but I didn’t take tutoring for subjects I was already studying because I get good grades anyway.
  10. What did you and your classmates do during your lunch break?
    In summer, we normally played tennis on the courts but in winter we sit in the library and talk because the couches are really nice there haha.
  11. Was there bullying at your school? Did you have to deal with any bullies?
    At my first school, yes. I kept getting punched every day but in this school not really, because my school is pretty small and I’m pretty unpopular so I don’t get in too much drama.
  12. Did you get a lot of homework?
    I get around an hour-1 1/2 hours of homework a night, which I actually enjoy because I get really bored in the evenings so homework gives me something to do.
  13. How much sport did you do at school?
    We had about an hour and 45 minutes of PE a week, plus sports day and house sports, but I pretty much only did the former because I never signed up for any extra sports because I SUUCK.
  14. Was art a significant part of your schooling?
    We had art classes and we had art competitions quite a bit, so I guess.
  15. Did you learn any practical subjects like woodwork or cooking? What do you think about that kind of practical education?
    We did DT (design tech) and FN (food nutrition) each for half a year and I liked the subjects but the teachers were pretty hit-or-miss.
  16. Were your schools single-sex or co-educational?
    My first school and part of my second was co-ed, but my secondary school is an all-girls school.
  17. Were you involved in any musical or theatrical performances at school?
    I’m not a drama kid, but I play two instruments in school so I did a lot of musical performances.
  18. When students behaved badly, how were they punished at your school?
    We were given ‘penalty points’ and if you get 3 in one term, I think you get detention and a phone call home. Or we were just yelled at to shut up lol.
  19. What do you think about physical punishment?
  20. Did you ever skip school? What did you do instead of going to school?
    I’ve skipped school to go on a family reunion/holiday and I’ve also pretended to be way sicker than I was so I could stay home sick. I’m glad I had a fake sick day though because that’s when I discovered emo music and now I’ve never looked back.

So that was a little questionnaire and I’m just going to list my thoughts randomly because I just want to say them.

  • I’m excited to come back so there will be a new group of year 7s (6th grade) to boss around.
  • I’m kinda scared about not being in the top math set for next year because I’ve always been in top set and my report grades weren’t that good.
  • I’m hoping my timetable will be good next year.
  • I’m hoping I will finally get a top locker (I’m literally the tallest in the year group and I’ve had a bottom locker for 2 years) because the school is moving around a bunch of lockers and we’re all swapping anyway.
  • Basically, on the day before the first day of school, the year 7s (6th grade) have an induction day, where they get their locker key, timetable, planner etc (even though you get those in double form period from year 8 (7th grade) anyway, but those form periods are used for ‘settling in’ in year 7 anyway), and I’m going to be a troll and walk past my school on the induction day; no uniform, headphones in and hopefully troll the year 7s that know who I am.
  • I’m hoping I won’t get an anxiety attack in the middle of form period (I did last year and I just sniffed my hand sanitizer until it went away (it’s a eucalypts-scented one)).
  • I know I’m going to be in top set English next year (I got good exam results and really good report grades, not to mention getting level 7s and 8s on my assignments (8+ I think is the highest you can get) but the teacher is way too lax and I’ve had her before and I’ve been bored throughout all of her lessons. And I only had her for a double period a week, now I’m going to have her for 2 double periods. Apparently top set English is fun in year 9, according to my friends (who are starting year 10/9th grade).

Those are pretty much all of my thoughts for next year, but expect a first day of school post either on Thursday or the weekend because I will want to share a lot, basically my timetable haha.


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Ok, so yesterday (25th), I went to see one of my favourite bands, Panic! At the Disco and UGH I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME. I’ve been hyping this up ever since the festival was announced a few months ago and I’m on my way back and slowly dying because this is over. I’m seeing Panic! again in March tho (for my 14th birthday) and I’m also seeing Tøp in February. Anyway, I had never been to a festival or concert before, so let me tell you about it 😀

Here is all the songs that Brendon aka Beebo sang (sorry if the picture sucks I’m on the train and was too lazy to make it look nice) (btw the songs aren’t in order)

I had to use a sticker because of my last name lol (also peep another panic! bop at the bottom lol)

When we got there (which took like 3 hours lol), we went to ‘the pit’ and saw this band called Bloodyouth (idk who they are) and I saw like 2 minutes of them but they were pretty good.

We went to the main stage and this guy called NERD was playing and my mom and I were just clapping awkwardly because we didn’t know the songs. I was actually really impressed and might download some of this guy’s songs.

(Update: I found out this is pharrell williams lol)

Then, at 8:05, BEEBO CAME ON!!!!!!! I LOST MY SH*T AND WAS SCREAMING SO LOUD AYY. They also played my favourite Panic! song (Don’t threaten me with a good time) second in the concert so I WAS LOSING MY SH*T.

During the third song (Hey, look ma, I made it), there was a load of drunks at the back of the crowd (we were really close to the stage and in the middle of everyone) pushing so my mom and I had to squeeze through a million people to get space (we didn’t leave the crowd; we just left the pushy area) so that wasn’t that fun 😦

There was a girl passing out paper hearts and basically you shone your phone light through the paper during girls/girls/boys (basically that song is about LGBT and a pride anthem amongst us gay emos and Brendon (aka the whole band of panic!) came out as pansexual recently so this song holds very dear to the whole fandom’s hearts) and YA GORL COPPED ONE. There was a girl behind me saying ‘oh my god, you got a heart’ so that was a moment of validation 🙂

Near the middle of the concert, it was really hot (even though it was outside) and I literally felt like I was going to faint/puke but I knew that if I left the crowd/had to go back to the hotel I would never live it down because it’s my first concert and I want it to be a good one and not be a wimp. I managed to hold out though 🙂

During the second to last song (Say amen/saturday night) my throat died but I kept on screaming anyway lol

I literally felt so happy because BRENDON WAS A PERSON AND NOT A VOICE OR PICTURE and I was just jamming out and sing-screaming

Ok that was pretty much me during the whole concert

Here are most of the pictures (I took a load of videos but not really at the end because I was too lazy) and one of them is even my lock screen 🙂

Ya gorl even got merch 🤘🏻😎

Here are the wristbands (I went to a MAC just before I took this and swatched a ton of lipsticks sorry) and IT WAS SO FUNN

Here are pictures of the merch I got 🙂

All in all, it was legendary and I lost my voice lol and I also didn’t sleep until and I woke up at 8:15 😀

I can’t wait to see panic! again in march and also tøp in february so expect blog posts about that too 🙂

Also school starts on Thursday (I’m writing this on Sunday) and I’m not ready rip. But the panic! tickets go on sale the day before school starts so I guess that’s something 😀


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AYYY It’s been 4 years! 😀 Before we start the special 4 year post, I wanted to be really corny and make this cute speech for you guys 🙂

I was a very cringey and unpopular kid, so thank you to people who actually followed me and cared about what I had to say because not many people did 🙂 Thank you to the people that commented on my posts, thank you to the people who wrote fanfics about me (you know who you are), and just thank you to the people who helped me get this far. I wanted to delete bloggish so many times and there were so many times when I just hated it and wish I could start over but I’m so happy I stuck with it because I made loads of friends and also learnt a bit about fandoms (DD fandom throwback), internet fights and just people in general. I also was kinda baffled that 13, 14, 15 year olds were actually friends with some 10-year old who was a socially awkward derp and didn’t really know how to act. This blog is my safe space, so thank you to the people that defended me and my space, and also the people who read my blog when I have mental breakdowns, because honestly, writing about these situations on my blog helps me see them in a different light and really helps alleviate my negativity.

Thank you for the most incredible 4 years. Ilysm 😀

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How I daydream

I kinda wanted to do a daydreaming post since I’m pretty good at it and I wanted to share the ways I daydream just in case anyone is stumped on new ways to daydream so here we go.

(N.b: I consider a ‘daydream’ more of a storyline than thinking about random things)

Types of daydreaming (depending on what time it is):

Day daydream – Lively, more positive situations, not a lot of interaction, anger in some cases, usually involving my older OCs (Ages 10+), using music
Night dream (not a real dream in sleep) – Dreamt in bed, sad, more unfortunate situations, lots of interaction between characters, very cute/tender, usually involving my younger OCs (Ages 7-3), not using music

Conditions in order to generate daydreams:

– Must be moving
– Preferably a moving vehicle but swings work too
– Preferably fast (i.e. on a motorway)
– Must have music (music doesn’t have to relate to the daydream)
– Lighting doesn’t matter
– Must be outside/looking out of the window

– Must be still
– Always in bed
– No music needed
– Must have white noise (at home I generally use my air conditioner)
– Must be dark, but not completely dark
– Must have eyes shut, preferably facing the wall


Some songs are given a specific daydream (eg. song x will always make me think of daydream x), but some songs I leave daydream-less just in case I think of a new day dream but don’t have any fresh music to attribute to it, or if I want to think about something that isn’t one of my storylines. Alternatively, I think of some things (e.g. upcoming events) as daydreams where I make my own storyline based on said upcoming event. Once said event has passed, the song used has generally become a daydream-less song because if I listen to a song too much, I don’t like it anymore.

I always had this kind of structure for my daydreams but more recently I began separating them more distinctively and separating the conditions, differences etc. Also what annoys me about daydreaming is when people think every daydream is sitting in a beanbag listening to tranquil music. Music is the biggest part of my day-daydreams, and I have to listen to a specific song to think of a specific daydream, and 100% of the time the music is in no way tranquil. Most of the time the music is emo, but I do have some ’80s pop and current pop thrown in there.

Also, in around half an hour, a special anniversary post should be up so check it out 😉

(It should be up in around 33 mins, to be precise)

That’s basically how I daydream, if you guys wanted to know (you probably didn’t lol)


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Let’s talk about sexualities pt 2

Ok so last night i had a long talk with my parents and had a long think about my sexuality so basically heres some things i concluded

I don’t feel right saying im straight

I don’t feel right saying im homosexual

I feel somewhat bisexual, somewhat pansexual, and somewhat asexual

I don’t know if im demisexual but i feel like that could be a possibility

I feel somewhere between bisexual and pansexual but not completely one way or another

I read a bit about demisexuality and saw the ‘you choose to befriend rather than flirt’ and i literally thought to myself ‘i thought thats how you get a crush’ so idk

I came out last night (i didnt do all the research in one night because when i posted pt 1 i had already been questioning my sexuality for months)

I felt kinda sad at my friends reactions because i mentioned that it took a lot of courage to say and they kinda didnt really say anything so thats a bit disheartening

I dont know if this is my true label but i feel much better to have a label than to be ‘questioning’ but idk why

I came out to my parents and my mom was the only one who was nice about it bc my dad just said ‘you’re (x) then? {To my mom:} So do we need coffee?’

Idk if i should be grateful he wasnt angry but it took so much courage to find a label and conclude that i wasnt straight and also to tell my parents (who previously shut me down when i talked about these things)

So last night, I came out as polysexual because i feel somewhere inbetween pansexual and bisexual but i’m still somewhat questioning my sexuality

I hope you guys understand because this was the only place i felt comfortable talking about this kinda stuff 🙂


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Let’s talk about sexualities

Ok so sorry that this is my 3rd post of the night but i havent posted in ages so im making up for it 😀

So basically ive never really known what i am because when i was little i literally looked at women on tv and called them ‘sexy’ and ‘cute’ etc (not really knowing much about homosexuality/the lgbt+ community) and i think that might have been a random thing i did/have grown out of but i have more

I have a lot of friends in the lgbt+ community so i feel like i shouldnt be straight even tho i dont feel 100% straight

A lot of my OCs (aka my alternate personalities/other/dream versions of myself) are polysexual/asexual/pansexual etc and lets just consider that the ocs are other versions of myself that i want to be/am

I dont really want to talk to my parents/friends about this because i will feel like i will get told ‘you’re straight’ and will get shut down

I did a sexuality test and got this but i feel like i shouldnt be looking for non-straight labels because my parents shut me down and basically convince me that im straight or maybe im too young to identify my sexual label and will get told so

If someone can help me find what i am then that would help a lot

I dont feel straight but i dont know what i am so yea


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Ayy I’m bringing back the OG beaches from beach trips 1 (Skegness, Scarborough and Whitby) because I haven’t been to Scarborough and Whitby in ages and wanted to go again so here we go 🙂 (I have loads of pictures but I’ll probably do in-depth posts about each place and I’m also lazy because I’m writing this on my laptop and the pictures are on my phone) Also sorry for the format but I’m keeping it like the original post because I need to pay homage 😀

21st July I went to Skegness

1) Literally the best donuts I’ve ever tried
2) I went on 384949 rides in the theme park
3) I did an emo karaoke with my mom and we were pretty much screaming panic! songs while people stared at us weirdly

1) Ya gorl felt homesick (dk why tho)
2) The pier food wasn’t that good compared to the other places
3) My bodyboard broke 😦 (after having it since beach trips 1)

Skegness total score: 4.3/5*

9th of August I went to Scarborough

1) I learnt to skip rocks! 😀
2) I perfected my photography skills and took really cool photos
3) Also amazing donuts

1) The hill to walk up to the castle was steep and evil
2) Seagulls (aka spawns of satan) kept trying to get out lunch and sat on my mom’s head
3) Also felt kinda homesick

Scarborough total score: 4.7/5*

15th of August I went to Whitby

1) I didn’t feel homesick 😀
2) I didn’t get hypothermia 😀
3) I took 43242989 pics of the abby because it’s beautiful and so are the pictures

1) We had to leave the abby early because I needed the bathroom really bad and didn’t want to go back up the hill after
2) The restaurant we ate at was quite crowded and I didn’t finish my food
3) It was CROWDED AF

Whitby total score: 4.5/5*

The trips this year were quite close but I think I liked them a bit more this time because we went sightseeing rather than going to the beach and I’m kinda getting into photography because I completely filled my phone with photos (or maybe because I wanted to take advantage of the iPhone 7+ camera idk) I think I might go back to Scarborough (because it got the highest score) and Skegness (because I go every year and I love it) but maybe not Whitby because it was so crowded and you had to walk loads to get literally anywhere


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

A day in the life of bloggerofthebloggish

Ok, so I have a lot of blog post ideas in the works but I only have about a week and a half left of summer vacation so idk if I will be able to post them all but hopefully I will do a short beach trips 3 and possibly some in-depth posts about each place and some other posts but tonight (it’s like 10pm) I thought I would show you a day in the life of me because I’m too lazy to do anything else and ya gorl loves morning/night routines 🙂

I decided to do a school day (and put in lesson times because why not) because normally my weekends aren’t that organised as school days where I literally have a specific time for everything but hopefully you guys enjoy it because I did a few day in the life posts a few years ago and I actually like them so please enjoy 😀

I also wanted to follow this routine for next school year because I want to be a good student *straightens glasses* Also, be prepared for this to be very long because I have long routines lol

Also also, my school finishes at different times depending on the day so I’ll show you a long day (Tuesday/Wednesday) where it finishes 25 minutes later than normal

6:30AM: I wake up but fall back asleep lmao
6:40AM: I wake up properly and check my phone because I’m basic af and also need something to wake me up even though I’m kind of an early bird anyway
7:00AM: I get up like a normal human and make my bed (in the dark, yes)
7:03AM: I go to the bathroom
7:05AM: I get dressed
7:10AM: I do my skincare routine & brush my hair
7:20AM: I go downstairs to make breakfast (literally a bowl of dry chocolate weetos because I’m lazy –  also idk if you have chocolate weetos in other countries but if you don’t then google it because they are literally the best)
7:45AM: I go to the bathroom (again) and also brush my teeth
7:50AM: I do body lotion, hand cream etc in my room
7:55AM: I put on my blazer and get my shoes, bag etc
8:00AM: I leave for school
8:15AM: I get to school and basically walk around with my friends until the bell
8:30AM: I go to registration
8:35AM: Assembly/form time (depending on the day)
8:55AM: 1st Period
9:35AM: 2nd Period
10:10AM: 3rd Period
10:45AM: 4th Period
11:20AM: Break (where my friends and I go outside because we are cool (no we aren’t lmao))
11:40AM: 5th Period
12:20AM: 6th Period
12:55AM: Lunch (basically where my friends and I go outside)
1:15PM: We actually go to lunch to avoid the lines lol
1:40PM: We finish lunch and chill outside
2:00PM: We get our books and bags for our next classes
2:05PM: Afternoon registration
2:12PM: 7th Period
2:50PM: 8th Period
3:25PM: 9th Period
4:00PM: School ends! 😀
4:15PM: I get home from school and get dressed
4:25PM: I eat because I don’t have big meals so I’m really hungry lmao (I’m the person that has lots of small meals rather than a few big meals)
4:50PM: I do my makeup (at my school you’re not allowed makeup but I still wanted to have my own ‘school makeup routine’ so I just do it at this time because I like wearing it)
5:00PM: I start my homework and put in a CD so I can jam as well (sometimes if I’m really bored I jam out to my songs in the middle of my homework oops)
6:20PM: I finish my homework (I actually do all the homework we were given every day except if it’s a project because I hate having things to do overnight because I get stressed about deadlines a lot) and pack my bag for the next day
6:25PM: I practice my flute like a good child
6:40PM: I finish my flute and have like 5 minutes before dinner so I normally check my phone at this time because even though I don’t use Instagram and snapchat anymore I still am on our class group chat and a lot of group chats which spam a lot
6:45PM: I have dinner
7:10PM: I finish dinner and either go outside if the weather is nice, or sit in the library and watch youtube/go on pinterest because I’m obsessed
7:50PM: I do my nighttime skincare
8:00PM: I have my shower
8:25PM: I either watch youtube or talk to my parents if they’re home lol
8:55PM: I brush my teeth like a good child
9:00PM: I do moisturising (basically a load of Vaseline on my face because my skin is really dry and I get paranoid if I don’t do it) and bodycare
9:10PM: I’m in bed but still on my phone lol
9:45PM: This is when I try to get off my phone but I actually don’t until around 10/10:15
10:15-10:30PM: I fall asleep

Obviously on the weekends I get up and fall asleep a lot later but they aren’t really organised but if you guys want me to do a weekend day in the life then let me know 😀 sorry if this post was quite long but I definitely will do a beach trips 3 and a first day of year 9 post (year 9=8th grade)

I actually feel good today so embrace it lmao


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂





Ok, so one of my best friends (not the matlock bath one) came over for a sleepover about a week ago, and she had come over on the Monday before that, so I kinda showed her around my room and stuff. Around April we were cleaning the garage and my parents found a proper ouija board. I’m that friend that loves anything horror and anything to do with the supernatural. I love knowing about weird demonic creatures and exorcisms but I’m not really a believer. I used the ouija board at around 3pm with my mom but nothing worked so it kinda stayed under my bed. My friend said we should use the board because her parents won’t want one in their house, so I was totally down. We basically binged scary stories until around 10:30pm when we decided to go downstairs and use the board. I never did a ‘proper’ ceremony with an ouija board but I knew you needed candles. We sat in the hallway because we were lowkey terrified and the hallway was the lightest room downstairs. We turned most of the lights off except for a candle I had bought literally the day before when me and a few of my friends (including this one) went around my friend’s village and kinda lurked the shops. I wasn’t convinced the board would work but we set up everything and gave it a shot.


We met this 10-year old boy called Ne and we basically had him answer some questions about us (he didn’t finish the answers but IT WAS LEGIT PEOPLE)

(I’m just going to refer to my friend as A because that’s what her name starts with so it would kinda help me type this conversation out quicker)

A: Do you want to answer some questions for us?
Ne: Yes
A: Where did my grandpa live when he was little? (Idk if that was the exact question but it was something along those lines, also I had no idea what the answer was so I wasn’t moving the planchette)
Ne: B-o-t-s-w-
A: Are you struggling?
Ne: Yes
A: Do you want another question?
Ne: Yes
Me: Where did my mom go on holiday when she was little? (My friend didn’t know this
Ne: C-
A: Are you struggling?
Ne: Yes
Me: Do you want us to leave?
Ne: Yes

So we left and spoiler alert: the answer to A’s question was Botswana and the answer to mine was the Crimea (a beachy place in Russia) I know mine isn’t as legit as A’s was but STILL.

We went into our library after talking to a few people because we got a bit more confident, and we talked to a few people before this one. Btw, I don’t remember the exact details of this convo so ye

Me: Is anyone there?
?: Yes
A: Do you want us to leave?
?: No
Me: What’s your name?
?: G-e-I
A: Can we call you G?
G: Yes
Me: How old are you?
G: 57
A: How did you die?
No answer
Me: Why did you die?
G: I did something bad
(We basically found out that she was given death penalty)
Me: Are you in limbo? (my friend didn’t know what this was) (limbo is basically half-alive, half-dead)
G: Yes
Me: Are you in purgatory? (my friend didn’t know what this was either) (purgatory is between heaven and hell – like the middle ground)
G: Yes
Me: Are you in this room?
G: Yes
Me: Where are you?
G: W-i-n-d-o-w
Me: If I look outside, will I see you?
G: No
A: Do you want to hurt us?
G: Yes
(we ask her questions but idk what they were so we’ll just cut to the interesting part)
Candle starts flickering wildly
Me: Are you in the candle?
G: Yes
A: Do you want us to leave?
No answer
Candle calms down
A: Make the candle flicker if you want us to leave
Candle starts flickering
Us: Goodbye
Candle calms down
That basically scarred both of us and I was even brave enough to look out of the window. We have a flower sticker on our window and my friend saw the shadow of it and started freaking out lol. I was researching people that were given death penalty in year x and my friend continued talking to the ouija board. We went to my parents’ bedroom and I tried to convince her to talk to some more people with me but she was kinda scarred and I said that we ended the session, we blew the candle out so there was no way she would get to us. We came to the conclusion that she was just some old lady who wanted a laugh.

Anyway, that’s my creepy af ouija board experience and I’m kinda convinced they work now but only at night with the candles etc.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂