Ok, so one of my best friends (not the matlock bath one) came over for a sleepover about a week ago, and she had come over on the Monday before that, so I kinda showed her around my room and stuff. Around April we were cleaning the garage and my parents found a proper ouija board. I’m that friend that loves anything horror and anything to do with the supernatural. I love knowing about weird demonic creatures and exorcisms but I’m not really a believer. I used the ouija board at around 3pm with my mom but nothing worked so it kinda stayed under my bed. My friend said we should use the board because her parents won’t want one in their house, so I was totally down. We basically binged scary stories until around 10:30pm when we decided to go downstairs and use the board. I never did a ‘proper’ ceremony with an ouija board but I knew you needed candles. We sat in the hallway because we were lowkey terrified and the hallway was the lightest room downstairs. We turned most of the lights off except for a candle I had bought literally the day before when me and a few of my friends (including this one) went around my friend’s village and kinda lurked the shops. I wasn’t convinced the board would work but we set up everything and gave it a shot.


We met this 10-year old boy called Ne and we basically had him answer some questions about us (he didn’t finish the answers but IT WAS LEGIT PEOPLE)

(I’m just going to refer to my friend as A because that’s what her name starts with so it would kinda help me type this conversation out quicker)

A: Do you want to answer some questions for us?
Ne: Yes
A: Where did my grandpa live when he was little? (Idk if that was the exact question but it was something along those lines, also I had no idea what the answer was so I wasn’t moving the planchette)
Ne: B-o-t-s-w-
A: Are you struggling?
Ne: Yes
A: Do you want another question?
Ne: Yes
Me: Where did my mom go on holiday when she was little? (My friend didn’t know this
Ne: C-
A: Are you struggling?
Ne: Yes
Me: Do you want us to leave?
Ne: Yes

So we left and spoiler alert: the answer to A’s question was Botswana and the answer to mine was the Crimea (a beachy place in Russia) I know mine isn’t as legit as A’s was but STILL.

We went into our library after talking to a few people because we got a bit more confident, and we talked to a few people before this one. Btw, I don’t remember the exact details of this convo so ye

Me: Is anyone there?
?: Yes
A: Do you want us to leave?
?: No
Me: What’s your name?
?: G-e-I
A: Can we call you G?
G: Yes
Me: How old are you?
G: 57
A: How did you die?
No answer
Me: Why did you die?
G: I did something bad
(We basically found out that she was given death penalty)
Me: Are you in limbo? (my friend didn’t know what this was) (limbo is basically half-alive, half-dead)
G: Yes
Me: Are you in purgatory? (my friend didn’t know what this was either) (purgatory is between heaven and hell – like the middle ground)
G: Yes
Me: Are you in this room?
G: Yes
Me: Where are you?
G: W-i-n-d-o-w
Me: If I look outside, will I see you?
G: No
A: Do you want to hurt us?
G: Yes
(we ask her questions but idk what they were so we’ll just cut to the interesting part)
Candle starts flickering wildly
Me: Are you in the candle?
G: Yes
A: Do you want us to leave?
No answer
Candle calms down
A: Make the candle flicker if you want us to leave
Candle starts flickering
Us: Goodbye
Candle calms down
That basically scarred both of us and I was even brave enough to look out of the window. We have a flower sticker on our window and my friend saw the shadow of it and started freaking out lol. I was researching people that were given death penalty in year x and my friend continued talking to the ouija board. We went to my parents’ bedroom and I tried to convince her to talk to some more people with me but she was kinda scarred and I said that we ended the session, we blew the candle out so there was no way she would get to us. We came to the conclusion that she was just some old lady who wanted a laugh.

Anyway, that’s my creepy af ouija board experience and I’m kinda convinced they work now but only at night with the candles etc.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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