A day in the life of bloggerofthebloggish

Ok, so I have a lot of blog post ideas in the works but I only have about a week and a half left of summer vacation so idk if I will be able to post them all but hopefully I will do a short beach trips 3 and possibly some in-depth posts about each place and some other posts but tonight (it’s like 10pm) I thought I would show you a day in the life of me because I’m too lazy to do anything else and ya gorl loves morning/night routines 🙂

I decided to do a school day (and put in lesson times because why not) because normally my weekends aren’t that organised as school days where I literally have a specific time for everything but hopefully you guys enjoy it because I did a few day in the life posts a few years ago and I actually like them so please enjoy 😀

I also wanted to follow this routine for next school year because I want to be a good student *straightens glasses* Also, be prepared for this to be very long because I have long routines lol

Also also, my school finishes at different times depending on the day so I’ll show you a long day (Tuesday/Wednesday) where it finishes 25 minutes later than normal

6:30AM: I wake up but fall back asleep lmao
6:40AM: I wake up properly and check my phone because I’m basic af and also need something to wake me up even though I’m kind of an early bird anyway
7:00AM: I get up like a normal human and make my bed (in the dark, yes)
7:03AM: I go to the bathroom
7:05AM: I get dressed
7:10AM: I do my skincare routine & brush my hair
7:20AM: I go downstairs to make breakfast (literally a bowl of dry chocolate weetos because I’m lazy –  also idk if you have chocolate weetos in other countries but if you don’t then google it because they are literally the best)
7:45AM: I go to the bathroom (again) and also brush my teeth
7:50AM: I do body lotion, hand cream etc in my room
7:55AM: I put on my blazer and get my shoes, bag etc
8:00AM: I leave for school
8:15AM: I get to school and basically walk around with my friends until the bell
8:30AM: I go to registration
8:35AM: Assembly/form time (depending on the day)
8:55AM: 1st Period
9:35AM: 2nd Period
10:10AM: 3rd Period
10:45AM: 4th Period
11:20AM: Break (where my friends and I go outside because we are cool (no we aren’t lmao))
11:40AM: 5th Period
12:20AM: 6th Period
12:55AM: Lunch (basically where my friends and I go outside)
1:15PM: We actually go to lunch to avoid the lines lol
1:40PM: We finish lunch and chill outside
2:00PM: We get our books and bags for our next classes
2:05PM: Afternoon registration
2:12PM: 7th Period
2:50PM: 8th Period
3:25PM: 9th Period
4:00PM: School ends! 😀
4:15PM: I get home from school and get dressed
4:25PM: I eat because I don’t have big meals so I’m really hungry lmao (I’m the person that has lots of small meals rather than a few big meals)
4:50PM: I do my makeup (at my school you’re not allowed makeup but I still wanted to have my own ‘school makeup routine’ so I just do it at this time because I like wearing it)
5:00PM: I start my homework and put in a CD so I can jam as well (sometimes if I’m really bored I jam out to my songs in the middle of my homework oops)
6:20PM: I finish my homework (I actually do all the homework we were given every day except if it’s a project because I hate having things to do overnight because I get stressed about deadlines a lot) and pack my bag for the next day
6:25PM: I practice my flute like a good child
6:40PM: I finish my flute and have like 5 minutes before dinner so I normally check my phone at this time because even though I don’t use Instagram and snapchat anymore I still am on our class group chat and a lot of group chats which spam a lot
6:45PM: I have dinner
7:10PM: I finish dinner and either go outside if the weather is nice, or sit in the library and watch youtube/go on pinterest because I’m obsessed
7:50PM: I do my nighttime skincare
8:00PM: I have my shower
8:25PM: I either watch youtube or talk to my parents if they’re home lol
8:55PM: I brush my teeth like a good child
9:00PM: I do moisturising (basically a load of Vaseline on my face because my skin is really dry and I get paranoid if I don’t do it) and bodycare
9:10PM: I’m in bed but still on my phone lol
9:45PM: This is when I try to get off my phone but I actually don’t until around 10/10:15
10:15-10:30PM: I fall asleep

Obviously on the weekends I get up and fall asleep a lot later but they aren’t really organised but if you guys want me to do a weekend day in the life then let me know 😀 sorry if this post was quite long but I definitely will do a beach trips 3 and a first day of year 9 post (year 9=8th grade)

I actually feel good today so embrace it lmao


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂




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