Ayy I’m bringing back the OG beaches from beach trips 1 (Skegness, Scarborough and Whitby) because I haven’t been to Scarborough and Whitby in ages and wanted to go again so here we go 🙂 (I have loads of pictures but I’ll probably do in-depth posts about each place and I’m also lazy because I’m writing this on my laptop and the pictures are on my phone) Also sorry for the format but I’m keeping it like the original post because I need to pay homage 😀

21st July I went to Skegness

1) Literally the best donuts I’ve ever tried
2) I went on 384949 rides in the theme park
3) I did an emo karaoke with my mom and we were pretty much screaming panic! songs while people stared at us weirdly

1) Ya gorl felt homesick (dk why tho)
2) The pier food wasn’t that good compared to the other places
3) My bodyboard broke 😦 (after having it since beach trips 1)

Skegness total score: 4.3/5*

9th of August I went to Scarborough

1) I learnt to skip rocks! 😀
2) I perfected my photography skills and took really cool photos
3) Also amazing donuts

1) The hill to walk up to the castle was steep and evil
2) Seagulls (aka spawns of satan) kept trying to get out lunch and sat on my mom’s head
3) Also felt kinda homesick

Scarborough total score: 4.7/5*

15th of August I went to Whitby

1) I didn’t feel homesick 😀
2) I didn’t get hypothermia 😀
3) I took 43242989 pics of the abby because it’s beautiful and so are the pictures

1) We had to leave the abby early because I needed the bathroom really bad and didn’t want to go back up the hill after
2) The restaurant we ate at was quite crowded and I didn’t finish my food
3) It was CROWDED AF

Whitby total score: 4.5/5*

The trips this year were quite close but I think I liked them a bit more this time because we went sightseeing rather than going to the beach and I’m kinda getting into photography because I completely filled my phone with photos (or maybe because I wanted to take advantage of the iPhone 7+ camera idk) I think I might go back to Scarborough (because it got the highest score) and Skegness (because I go every year and I love it) but maybe not Whitby because it was so crowded and you had to walk loads to get literally anywhere


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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