Let’s talk about sexualities pt 2

Ok so last night i had a long talk with my parents and had a long think about my sexuality so basically heres some things i concluded

I don’t feel right saying im straight

I don’t feel right saying im homosexual

I feel somewhat bisexual, somewhat pansexual, and somewhat asexual

I don’t know if im demisexual but i feel like that could be a possibility

I feel somewhere between bisexual and pansexual but not completely one way or another

I read a bit about demisexuality and saw the ‘you choose to befriend rather than flirt’ and i literally thought to myself ‘i thought thats how you get a crush’ so idk

I came out last night (i didnt do all the research in one night because when i posted pt 1 i had already been questioning my sexuality for months)

I felt kinda sad at my friends reactions because i mentioned that it took a lot of courage to say and they kinda didnt really say anything so thats a bit disheartening

I dont know if this is my true label but i feel much better to have a label than to be ‘questioning’ but idk why

I came out to my parents and my mom was the only one who was nice about it bc my dad just said ‘you’re (x) then? {To my mom:} So do we need coffee?’

Idk if i should be grateful he wasnt angry but it took so much courage to find a label and conclude that i wasnt straight and also to tell my parents (who previously shut me down when i talked about these things)

So last night, I came out as polysexual because i feel somewhere inbetween pansexual and bisexual but i’m still somewhat questioning my sexuality

I hope you guys understand because this was the only place i felt comfortable talking about this kinda stuff 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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