How I daydream

I kinda wanted to do a daydreaming post since I’m pretty good at it and I wanted to share the ways I daydream just in case anyone is stumped on new ways to daydream so here we go.

(N.b: I consider a ‘daydream’ more of a storyline than thinking about random things)

Types of daydreaming (depending on what time it is):

Day daydream – Lively, more positive situations, not a lot of interaction, anger in some cases, usually involving my older OCs (Ages 10+), using music
Night dream (not a real dream in sleep) – Dreamt in bed, sad, more unfortunate situations, lots of interaction between characters, very cute/tender, usually involving my younger OCs (Ages 7-3), not using music

Conditions in order to generate daydreams:

– Must be moving
– Preferably a moving vehicle but swings work too
– Preferably fast (i.e. on a motorway)
– Must have music (music doesn’t have to relate to the daydream)
– Lighting doesn’t matter
– Must be outside/looking out of the window

– Must be still
– Always in bed
– No music needed
– Must have white noise (at home I generally use my air conditioner)
– Must be dark, but not completely dark
– Must have eyes shut, preferably facing the wall


Some songs are given a specific daydream (eg. song x will always make me think of daydream x), but some songs I leave daydream-less just in case I think of a new day dream but don’t have any fresh music to attribute to it, or if I want to think about something that isn’t one of my storylines. Alternatively, I think of some things (e.g. upcoming events) as daydreams where I make my own storyline based on said upcoming event. Once said event has passed, the song used has generally become a daydream-less song because if I listen to a song too much, I don’t like it anymore.

I always had this kind of structure for my daydreams but more recently I began separating them more distinctively and separating the conditions, differences etc. Also what annoys me about daydreaming is when people think every daydream is sitting in a beanbag listening to tranquil music. Music is the biggest part of my day-daydreams, and I have to listen to a specific song to think of a specific daydream, and 100% of the time the music is in no way tranquil. Most of the time the music is emo, but I do have some ’80s pop and current pop thrown in there.

Also, in around half an hour, a special anniversary post should be up so check it out 😉

(It should be up in around 33 mins, to be precise)

That’s basically how I daydream, if you guys wanted to know (you probably didn’t lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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