Ok, so yesterday (25th), I went to see one of my favourite bands, Panic! At the Disco and UGH I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME. I’ve been hyping this up ever since the festival was announced a few months ago and I’m on my way back and slowly dying because this is over. I’m seeing Panic! again in March tho (for my 14th birthday) and I’m also seeing Tøp in February. Anyway, I had never been to a festival or concert before, so let me tell you about it 😀

Here is all the songs that Brendon aka Beebo sang (sorry if the picture sucks I’m on the train and was too lazy to make it look nice) (btw the songs aren’t in order)

I had to use a sticker because of my last name lol (also peep another panic! bop at the bottom lol)

When we got there (which took like 3 hours lol), we went to ‘the pit’ and saw this band called Bloodyouth (idk who they are) and I saw like 2 minutes of them but they were pretty good.

We went to the main stage and this guy called NERD was playing and my mom and I were just clapping awkwardly because we didn’t know the songs. I was actually really impressed and might download some of this guy’s songs.

(Update: I found out this is pharrell williams lol)

Then, at 8:05, BEEBO CAME ON!!!!!!! I LOST MY SH*T AND WAS SCREAMING SO LOUD AYY. They also played my favourite Panic! song (Don’t threaten me with a good time) second in the concert so I WAS LOSING MY SH*T.

During the third song (Hey, look ma, I made it), there was a load of drunks at the back of the crowd (we were really close to the stage and in the middle of everyone) pushing so my mom and I had to squeeze through a million people to get space (we didn’t leave the crowd; we just left the pushy area) so that wasn’t that fun 😦

There was a girl passing out paper hearts and basically you shone your phone light through the paper during girls/girls/boys (basically that song is about LGBT and a pride anthem amongst us gay emos and Brendon (aka the whole band of panic!) came out as pansexual recently so this song holds very dear to the whole fandom’s hearts) and YA GORL COPPED ONE. There was a girl behind me saying ‘oh my god, you got a heart’ so that was a moment of validation 🙂

Near the middle of the concert, it was really hot (even though it was outside) and I literally felt like I was going to faint/puke but I knew that if I left the crowd/had to go back to the hotel I would never live it down because it’s my first concert and I want it to be a good one and not be a wimp. I managed to hold out though 🙂

During the second to last song (Say amen/saturday night) my throat died but I kept on screaming anyway lol

I literally felt so happy because BRENDON WAS A PERSON AND NOT A VOICE OR PICTURE and I was just jamming out and sing-screaming

Ok that was pretty much me during the whole concert

Here are most of the pictures (I took a load of videos but not really at the end because I was too lazy) and one of them is even my lock screen 🙂

Ya gorl even got merch 🤘🏻😎

Here are the wristbands (I went to a MAC just before I took this and swatched a ton of lipsticks sorry) and IT WAS SO FUNN

Here are pictures of the merch I got 🙂

All in all, it was legendary and I lost my voice lol and I also didn’t sleep until and I woke up at 8:15 😀

I can’t wait to see panic! again in march and also tøp in february so expect blog posts about that too 🙂

Also school starts on Thursday (I’m writing this on Sunday) and I’m not ready rip. But the panic! tickets go on sale the day before school starts so I guess that’s something 😀


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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