The first day of school post that everyone wants to see

Ok, so I just started Year 9 (8th grade) and let me give you the classic, first-day of school post that everyone’s been waiting for. My last first days of school haven’t been good, so expect this to be slightly more positive than before 🙂

For the first time in literally forever, I finally have a group of friends in my class. I have a group of friends, but they’re either in the other form or a year ahead so I’m kinda alone. The girl who I did the ouija board with only joined my school in May and we formed a group with another girl already in the friend group. We claimed a 3-seat desk in the form room, not thinking we would have to change seats (we got to choose our seats last year), but the form tutor decided that there had to be a seating plan, even though we only spend like 20 minutes in the form room each day. I’m sat near one of my friends in my group and the other people around me are really nice, so I’m not that mad.

I was freaking out last night, like I woke up at 3AM and 5AM, both absolutely terrified, but whenever I freak out/stress about something it actually turns out well so I guess this was kinda the same thing 😉

Our first ‘lesson’ was a double form period, where we have around an hour in form at the start of each year to get timetables, locker keys, planners etc and I DIDN’T GET A BOTTOM LOCKER 😀 I had one for 2 years and it was literal hell, but this time I got upgraded to a middle locker and I’m on the end so I get space, which was different from last year where I was stuck in the middle of everyone. I also share the locker area with Year 8s so I can just assert my dominance *insert T-pose here* and it’s all good. My timetable isn’t the best, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as my year 7 timetable (it literally sucked) and I was really worried about getting spaces in the changing rooms for PE but the changing rooms have been upgraded so there is actual space.

I got top set in both English and Math (yay) and I was really scared I wasn’t going to be in top set for Math because my report grades weren’t amazing, but I did get a higher score than most people on my end of year exams last year so I think it adds up.

Our first lesson was DT (design tech/wood shop) and our teacher wasn’t even in school so we had to wait forever for the cover teacher to show up. Our lessons are only just over an hour long so we wasted time but I’m not really good at DT so I don’t really care haha. I got to sit next to my friend from my group and I actually made a pretty good mindmap.

After DT, we had break but my friends and I didn’t go because it was so crowded and we didn’t even like what they had for break anyway, so we went to sort out our lockers, and when I tried closing my locker it wouldn’t shut. My friends tried and they couldn’t shut it, so me and one of my friends went to get a new key while the others guarded my locker (I’m not leaving my locker open with an iPhone 7+ in there). I managed to get a new key that actually worked so yay.

Then we had ICT, where we are working on a program I literally used like 4 years ago and the whole lesson was my teacher talking even though he said he wants us to explore the software ourselves. Even though I love ICT, I’m kinda scared for this year because we have a different teacher and my other one literally doted on me so I hope this one does too 🙂

After ICT and lunch (where we literally didn’t do anything interesting), we had RS (religious studies) where we were talking about opinions, debates and judgement and had some grade-A debates about whether we should eat meat. We normally had 2 singles but now we have a double which is sad because I don’t really like RS and I like to have singles because they’re shorter.

After RS, I literally went home and that was it.

I actually loved my first day at school, which I normally don’t (read this post and this post to understand) so this was a step-up. I’m actually excited for tomorrow but we have the same teacher for 2 periods (aka 2hrs 20 mins) and she’s really strict so oof.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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