I really need to vent

Ok, first of all, sorry for being absent for like a month. I really wanted to post but I never had the time/effort/courage to but today I am literally dead and I really need to talk to someone so um here ya go my doots 🙂

1) My school 

Ok, so if you know me IRL or have been stalking my school posts, you know I go to an all-girls private school. I like going to an all-girls school, because I went to a co-ed school until year 6 (5th grade) and honestly I would get pissed off all the time because of the boys. I don’t like a lot of boys. First, they kinda scare me because they are quite irrational (in my opinion) and chavvy (also in my opinion, and this isn’t about all boys, just ones I see a lot) and also we can talk about girl topics openly in school because *cough* we’re all girls so nothing’s bad about that.

Guess what? As of next year, my school will be a mixed school. As in, girls and boys. Now, they’re only joining in 6th form/years 12-13 (11th-12th grade) and year 7 (6th grade) and I’m going into year 10 (9th grade) next year so they won’t be in my year. I’m not sure how to react because on one hand, it will be kinda cool having boys and the ones I see will be in year 7 but one the other hand, I don’t think my anxiety is ready for that and also, my school turned 125 years old i think last year or the year before, and it’s always been a girls school, so it’s kinda just telling the entire school history to f- itself.

And this is kinda stressing me out because I don’t know how I’m meant to react because I’m not mad but I’m not happy, but ugh I don’t know how I feel and the fact that I don’t know what I feel makes me mad because I like lots of definitive conclusions.

2) Food

This is kinda the same as school because it’s about school food and I know my school reads my blog so if you’re not going to listen to the rest of us at least listen to this.

Not. One. Person. Likes. The. Food. Like, that’s easy. Every single person I talked to about the food hates it. Let me just put everything into bullet points because there’s a lot of stuff wrong with the new catering system.

  • There are lots of unnecessary fruits/vegetables in already healthy food
  • Break time snacks aren’t even food anymore, and when they are, they are poorly made and flavourless
  •  Even the bread is given strange ingredients that make me retch every time I eat it
  • The sandwiches are put in sweet/dessert buns and the buns are flat anyway
  • Leftovers are thrown away. I’m talking a whole tray with 100+ servings of fish was dumped in the trash even though it was fresh
  • We don’t have pizza anymore 😦
  • There are days when there is nothing to eat besides the main meals, which are unpopular anyway and *cough* I’m allergic to the ingredients anyway so THANK YOU FOR THE NUTRITIOUS MEALS, and I literally have to go without lunch and break some days because the food isn’t a) good by any standard or b) even food

I’m not being dramatic here; but school pretty much makes you eat food you don’t like because there isn’t enough (or any) decent food. And guess what? We’re not allowed to talk about food in student council. Ok, school. Riddle me this.

If everyone complains about something that they literally pay for and this affects their health, mental wellbeing and concentration, should you:

a) Do literally nothing and laugh at our misery
b) Make said thing free
c) Actually change the things that receive complaints

At the moment, my school is literally doing nothing and I’m really pissed about that.

3) Friends

Ok, so there’s this one girl in my “friend group” and she is the kinda girl who has mood swings over literally nothing. She didn’t talk to me for a week because I didn’t go to her netball match and ‘I don’t care about her enough’. Ok, sherlock. When we talk about someone else’s problems, this girl always turns the attention to herself and tells us about how she’s the kid crying in the corner while everyone else gets attention. But when we talk to her, she doesn’t want to talk to us. Then after a week of ignoring us, she wants to be our friend again with no explanation? Then this whole thing happens all the time because of something literally minor. Like, I’m kind of over her. I know how this girl works; I’ve been friends with her for 7 years, and this happens all the time. And I’m frankly, sick of it. I’m sick of the things it does to me, I’m sick of her narcissistic attitude and I’m just sick of it. I was going to the school field with one of my actual friends and this girl walked up to us and was like ‘can I follow you?’. I didn’t say anything but my friend and I rolled our eyes hoping the girl would kinda buzz off. My friend had only been at the school for a few months, and even she was sick of this girl. Like, I feel like I’m being mean but I’m walking through lazers every time I talk to this girl. After 7 years, I’m sick of it.

4) Music

Ok, so the new twenty one pilots (aka a band I’m obsessed with) album dropped today and tbh I don’t like album release days. I like listening to the same some over and over on repeat so I can properly dissect it, construct daydreams for it etc, but on album release days, I’m kinda expected to listen to the whole album in one go which I don’t do unless it’s a CD so I can listen to the CD in the background when I’m doing homework, organising my room etc. I’ve heard all the pre-released songs (duh) and love all of them, I’ve listened to Morph and dissected it and IT’S AMAZING. I also saw the new music video and am SHOOKETH and am using it as pretty much one giant whump prompt.

Also, I started listening to mid Panic! albums and am obsessed as well. I’m listening to ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’ and tbh it’s way more salty than v&v. (If you don’t know much about panic! then sorry lmao)

Imma be cool and basically summarise each album because why not.

– Emo
– Fall out boy has song title competition tbh
– Literally written with a dart board and dictionary

Pretty. Odd.
– Literally gayer than the LGBT+ flag
– Literally more beatle-y than the Beatles
– Last album with my boi ryro (cri)

Vices & virtues
– Written by a victorian
– Nobody knows any songs from it except the ballad of mona lisa and Sarah smiles
– Kinda like a revenge album (not MCR related revenge lmao)

Too Weird to Live
– Saltier than the sea
– Bisexual as hell
– Yes we love loud chorus starters

Death of a Bachelor
– The whole album is a giant bop tbh
– Either sinatra or a strip club song
– My fav panic! album personally

Pray for the wicked
– Brendon just saying how he’s Satan for 35 mins
– Also a giant bop but not as much as DOAB
– Literally no colour scheme just PUPPETS.

Ok, so that was pretty much it. Sorry that this was a really long post. I’m thinking of doing in-depth album and song summaries because that sounds cool. I’m going to go because I have a headache and I’ve been writing this for 45 mins and I’m tired.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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