Friend drama

Ok so im doing this on my phone because i dont want to use my laptop so uh sorry if my grammar sucks.

Basically my friendship group is falling apart and ugh im kinda in a bad place rn so i really want to vent on here.

Before we start, im kinda surprised that im not completely breaking because by this time i would have broken out the scissors (yes i use scissors not knives because uh my parents should NOT see me trying to make blood come out of my arms) but idk i dont feel that broken, just like numb.

Drama 1

Ok, so there’s been this thing where me and A (from the ouija board post) have been gossiping about this girl K (thats not what her name starts with but it makes sense if u were in the friend group before the end of august) because she has this tendancy to make things about herself and since we had a big fight in the group i havent really been on her side and consider her toxic because she does cause a lot of emotional turmoil and she has lots of symptoms of being a toxic friend. Me and A decided to just stop gossiping and tell K. We told K in a music room in school, along with 2 other friends there (imma call them W and E). K saw us and was playing the piano, not stopping (we kinda told her that she was being toxic at lunch before this), even after A told her to stop. It got so bad that E had to physically unplug the piano. A and I were angry because K started crying and making a big scene and we kinda wanted to put our input. K went on a crybaby rant because we asked her to apologise for basically abusing us (theres lots of stuff that K did to us that was wrong) and she was like ‘sorry for existing’ and BOI I GOT PISSED. I was practically shaking with anger and K wanted to talk to us on monday (aka tomorrow bc this convo happened on friday) but A and I knew full well that she was going to blow us off so HEH thats a friendship gone.

But like our whole class is on mine and A’s side so i guess we’re doing something right.

K, if youre reading this, please grow the f*** up. You are being immature and you need a dose of reality.

Drama 2

This one didnt directly involve me but uh its about the group chat AGAINN 😀

So there are 4 people involved: Me, W, H (idk what to call her ok) and S.

Even though we’re all close friends on the group chat, me and H are really close and W and S are really close. Basically a fight breaks out between W and H which ends in H telling W to go kill herself. I was doing homework when this happened and i was kinda reading the messages not knowing what to do. H and W left the group chat and basically were pissed at each other. S was pissed on H but idk i was kinda on H’s side because she has the same kind of mental health traits as me (aka also broken like me) and I kinda have a crush on her so i didnt want to leave her side. Im still cool with S and hopefully W.

H isn’t friends with S or W anymore and tbh i feel like the group is falling apart. It’s only me, A and N (the girl from the matlock bath posts who i will call N because thats the initial of a nickname i give her) left completely and we’re having a big sleepover (me, N, A, S and W) in a few weeks and i dont want this to fail. I decided to not invite H because it will be awkward. Im not directly in this so hopefully it will be ok.

Anyway gtg im on facetime with someone and its awkward because im not saying anything lol


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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